Photo by Dominic Valente / Cronkite Borderlands Project

Nicaraguans who live in canal path fear for future

By Erica Lang / Cronkite Borderlands Project

Published June 17, 2015

Multiple communities in the region between the Pacific Coast and the shores of Lake Nicaragua are in the proposed path of the Sandinista-backed inter-oceanic canal project. People here fear they will be forced from their homes as construction begins on the canal. President Daniel Ortega promises the canal will bring new economic opportunities as well as global investments. But families in this region are uncertain of what their future holds and fearful that their culture and livelihoods may be in danger.

GALLERY: The Galeano family

GALLERY: The Galeano family

Jose Galeano and his family live just a few kilometers from the beach. But with the proposed interoceanic canal project, the family may be forced to leave. Galeano said he does not know where he will relocate if his family is displaced.

GALLERY: Obrajuelo

GALLERY: Obrajuelo and San Jorge

The proposed Nicaragua Canal will cut through Lake Nicaragua near the community of San Jorge. According to government officials, the canal will dwarf the Panama project and will be the largest canal in the world. Families in this area fear their land and way of life will be taken from them as the canal project moves forward.