‘You are Nobody’

Thousands find themselves stateless in the Dominican Republic, without a country to call their own.

A Place to Cross

Border markets provide passage for undocumented immigrants two days a week.

Cheap Labor

Despite an official stance against illegal immigration, demand for low-paid Haitian workers has not abated.

Fight for Citizenship

Dark skin and “strange” name lead to landmark ruling for those seeking birthright citizenship.

Newborn and Stateless

Haitian women cross the border to give birth, putting their children in citizenship limbo.

Dying in Childbirth

Haitian women, many already in labor, are taxing an already stressed health care system.

Educational Roadblock

Without proper documentation, thousands of Haitian youngsters find their education blocked after grade school.

Laws of God
and Country

Religious groups extending help to poor Haitian immigrants find themselves in opposition to the government.

Coffee and Clothing

Two business ventures are testing new approaches to labor and markets that could diversify the Dominican economy.

The Street Children

Hundreds of children live out their lives on the treacherous streets of the capital city of Santo Domingo.

HIV Roulette

Despite one of the highest HIV rates in the world, HIV funding on the island of Hispaniola is in jeopardy.

Dirty Water

Contaminated water supplies threaten the health of the country's impoverished residents.

Stateless in the Dominican Republic

A 30-minute documentary produced by Cronkite students tells the stories of statelessness in the Dominican Republic.

Where do I belong? What country will claim me? In the Dominican Republic, these are not stale abstractions but questions vital to many of the country’s Haitian residents. With the Dominican government aggressively enforcing stringent anti-immigration policies, thousands are being stripped of their citizenship, their homes and their futures. They are the stateless. These are their stories.