• Cronkite News

    Cronkite News

    Be a part of the news division of Arizona PBS, featuring
    a nightly student newscast and news bureaus
    in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Washington.

  • Campaign ASU 2020

    Campaign ASU 2020

    Campaign ASU 2020 ensures
    access and excellence for Cronkite students.

  • Professional Experiences at Cronkite

    Professional Experiences at Cronkite

    Go beyond the classroom with 12 hands-on immersion programs
    in areas such as broadcasting, business journalism,
    sports journalism, public relations and digital production.

  • Innovation at Cronkite

    Innovation at Cronkite

    Reinvent journalism, creating mobile apps, games and
    other cutting-edge technologies in a state-of-the-art digital media lab.

  • Sports at Cronkite

    Sports at Cronkite

    Experience the country's top sports journalism degree
    program, covering professional and collegiate sports
    for major media outlets.

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the nation’s top journalism schools and is home to Arizona PBS, the largest media outlet operated by a journalism school in the world. Students receive hands-on experiences in Cronkite News, a multiplatform daily news operation with bureaus in Phoenix, Washington and Los Angeles. With professional programs in digital media, public affairs reporting, broadcast news, digital innovation, public relations, sports reporting, Spanish-language news and more, Cronkite offers a real-world education for the digital media world of today and tomorrow.

Professional Programs at Cronkite

Professional Programs at Cronkite

Immersive Experiences That Transform You into a Professional

The Cronkite School’s nationally acclaimed “teaching hospital” model of education offers students real-world training in live newsroom environments under the supervision of top professional journalists.

  • Arizona PBS

    Arizona PBS

    Become a part of the largest media outlet operated by a journalism school in the world.

    PBS Logo Reaches 1.9 million households on three television channels and serves as a journalistic “teaching hospital” for students at the Cronkite School. The station also is a test bed for news industry innovation and experimentation while providing critical content to news consumers.

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    "Nothing could have prepared me more for my work at CNN than the Cronkite School. Cronkite truly prepared me for the many lenses a journalist must look through when working on international news stories."

    Samuel Burke (’09), anchor and correspondent, CNN

  • Cronkite News - Broadcast

    Cronkite News - Broadcast

    Join the award-winning weekday newscast on Arizona PBS, reporting, producing and anchoring.

    Recognized as one of the country’s best student newscasts, Cronkite News puts students to work in a state-of-the-art broadcast studio under the supervision of veteran journalists. The weekday newscast reaches 1.9 million households on Arizona PBS and is one of the only collegiate productions to air in a prime-time slot.

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    "The stories and important issues covered at Cronkite News were the same I encountered after graduation. Nowhere else will better prepare you for the world of professional journalism."

    Phillip Mena (’08), national correspondent, ABC

  • Cronkite News - Phoenix Bureau

    Cronkite News - Phoenix Bureau

    Report on the region’s top stories across media platforms for Arizona PBS and other news outlets.

    Students work as multimedia reporters covering important stories across the state of Arizona, producing text, videos, photos and graphics for online and broadcast media outlets. Students work in a state-of-the-art newsroom in the nation’s sixth-largest city under the direction of veteran journalists and news editors.

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    "Working in the Phoenix bureau meant covering hot issues like voting rights and immigration reform and getting to cover the 2012 Democratic National Convention."

    Natasha Khan (’12), reporter, Public Source

  • Cronkite News - Washington Bureau

    Cronkite News - Washington Bureau

    Cover public policy as part of Arizona’s largest newsgathering operation in the nation’s capital.

    Students spend a semester in the nation’s capital, reporting across the city – from the halls of Congress to the steps of the Supreme Court – for Cronkite News. Students work across platforms, covering daily breaking news and investigative stories from a cutting-edge newsroom under the supervision of a veteran political journalist.

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    "Every class shaped me to be the reporter that I am today, but it wasn’t until I experienced the Washington bureau that I learned to be more aggressive and efficient. I got a job a month after it ended."

    Liliana Salgado (’15), reporter, Noticias Univision Nevada

  • Cronkite News - Digital Production

    Cronkite News - Digital Production

    Become a digital producer, developing interactive Web content for Cronkite News at Arizona PBS.

    From a cutting-edge multimedia studio, students serve as Web producers and multimedia specialists for Cronkite News, managing social media, analyzing audience metrics and optimizing stories for search engines. Students are directed by a digital media innovator and professional journalist.

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    "The bureau allowed me to jump into the new age of journalism by experimenting with new storytelling tools and media formats. This grasp of knowledge helped pave the way to my job as data visualizer for KNXV-ABC15."

    Courtland Jeffrey (’15), data visualization, ABC15 (KNXV-TV, Phoenix)

  • Cronkite News - LA Sports Bureau

    Cronkite News - LA Sports Bureau

    Cover professional and collegiate sports in southern California for broadcast and digital distribution.

    Students spend a semester in the nation’s second-largest city, reporting on professional and collegiate sports for Cronkite News and other professional media outlets. Students use the latest digital and broadcast tools to create cutting-edge multimedia sports stories, working under an experienced sports broadcast professional.

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    "Working at the Cronkite Sports Bureau in LA allowed me to work with professionals in the field and gave me experience that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else on the college level."

    Mark Mingura (’15), reporter/anchor, NBC 25 (KNDU-TV, Tri-Cities, Washington)

  • Cronkite News - Phoenix Sports Bureau

    Cronkite News - Phoenix Sports Bureau

    Cover professional and collegiate sports, including MLB Spring Training, for outlets across the country.

    In the heart of the nation’s fifth-largest city, students cover four major professional sports leagues, college bowl games, spring training and many other signature sporting events. Students produce digital and broadcast stories for Cronkite News and media outlets such as Sports Illustrated and MLB.com.

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    "The Cronkite School challenged me to learn all aspects of storytelling, which in turn helped me work for NBC."

    Robby Baker (’14), digital sports producer, NBC 12 News (KPNX-TV, Phoenix)

  • Cronkite News - Borderlands

    Cronkite News - Borderlands

    Cover Latino issues in the U.S., Mexico and along the border for distribution in Spanish and English.

    Students cover important immigration and border issues in English and Spanish for Cronkite News under the guidance of two award-winning professional borderlands journalists. The program is based in a state-of-the-art newsroom from which students travel across the region for their reports.

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    "The Borderlands Initiative has made a huge impact on my investigative reporting and my ability to understand different cultures."

    Alex Lancial (’14), video producer, Boston Globe Media

  • Cronkite Noticias

    Cronkite Noticias

    Get experience producing a variety of in-depth, Spanish-language digital and video stories.

    Bilingual students work with professionals to create digital content for the Cronkite Noticias website, which serves Spanish-speaking audiences in Arizona. Students also may contribute to a Spanish-language newscast focusing on important Latino community and statewide issues that airs on UniMás.

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    “I always wanted to inform the Latino community in their own language. Cronkite News not only allowed me to do this but it exposed me to the concerns and problems they were facing, and it was then that I realized that this was what I really wanted to do.”

    Maria Berrelleza (’17), multimedia journalist, Univision Philadelphia

  • Cronkite News - Reynolds Business Bureau

    Cronkite News - Reynolds Business Bureau

    Get hands-on experience covering business, finance and the economy for Cronkite News at Arizona PBS.

    Students work in the country’s only university-based newsroom that produces daily business coverage for regional and national media outlets. Students receive experience and training in the growing field of digital and broadcast business journalism under the supervision of a veteran professional business editor.

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    "My semester in the Reynolds Business Bureau was the best of my college career. I covered stories that were interesting to me and some even received national attention."

    Will Sowards (’16), digital communications specialist, Passport Health

  • Cronkite New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

    Cronkite New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

    Create cutting-edge digital products, including apps and news games, for professional clients.

    Cronkite students collaborate with computer engineering, design and business students to create cutting-edge media products, including mobile apps, news games and interactive websites, for media companies and other organizations. Students present their ventures to local investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

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    "Through the NMIL, I learned to be a project manager, amateur coder and designer, financial adviser, bookkeeper all at once — essentially an entire business major's curriculum and beyond thrown into one class."

    Domenico Nicosia (’15), social media strategist

  • Carnegie-Knight News21

    Carnegie-Knight News21

    Be part of a major investigative report in partnership with
    The Washington Post, NBC News and others.

    Carnegie-Knight News21 brings the nation’s most talented journalism students to the Cronkite School to investigate issues of national significance. Students spend the summer traveling the country, reporting and producing in-depth multimedia stories under the direction of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists.

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    "News21 is a rare opportunity to work collaboratively with some of the nation's top journalism students while being guided by a great lineup of editors."

    Joe Henke (’12), reporter, NBC 2 (KJRH-TV, Tulsa, Okla.)

  • Cronkite Public Relations Lab

    Cronkite Public Relations Lab

    Develop PR campaigns and social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits.

    Students work for a public relations agency based in the Cronkite School, producing communications campaigns and strategies for clients. The lab offers experiences in all aspects of PR, including event planning and promotion, reputation management, crisis communications and social media campaign development.

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    "The PR Lab gave me unparalleled access to the resources that ultimately helped pave the way to my acceptance of a position with The Walt Disney Company just two months after graduation."

    Tayllor Lillestol (’15), public affairs coordinator, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

The Gold Standard of Journalism Education

The Gold Standard of Journalism Education


Cronkite has more than 100 full-time and associate faculty members. 


Cronkite students participate in more than 500 internships across the country every year.  

The Cronkite School “is truly unique. There’s nothing like it in America today.” — Bob Schieffer, former host, “Face the Nation”

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Cronkite News and Events

Cronkite News and Events

Mayo Clinic, Cronkite School Launch Medical Journalism Fellowship Program

February 13, 2018

Mayo Clinic and the Cronkite Schol have established a new fellowship program in which medical journalists from across the country will receive intensive training to cover medicine.

Knight Foundation Awards Cronkite School $1.9M Grant to Innovate Local TV News

February 8, 2018

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation today announced a $1.9 million grant to the Cronkite School to advance digital and broadcast innovation in local television news.

Cronkite Innovation Day to Feature Drones, Telepresence Robots and Virtual Reality

February 2, 2018

The Cronkite School is hosting a large-scale public expo featuring cutting-edge technologies for journalists.

Former Executive Editor of Providence Journal Joins Cronkite as Gaylord Visiting Professor

January 26, 2018

Former Providence Journal Executive Editor Karen Bordeleau is teaching journalism ethics and diversity at the Cronkite School as the Edith Kinney Gaylord Visiting Professor.

Journalism From Behind the Camera

February 8, 2018: 2017 ITN Video Editor of the Year and Cronkite alumnus Chris Shlemon discusses the power of videography with Cronkite Professor Peter Byck.

New Challenges and Opportunities in Strategic Communications

February 26, 2018: Andy Polansky, CEO of Weber Shandwick, explores the world of strategic communications with an introduction by Professor of Practice Mark Hass.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What to Do When You Encounter It?

February 27, 2018: Advice for people who experience sexual harassment in the workplace and for the women and men that hear about it.

Governments at War with the Media

February 28, 2018: Global journalists from South Africa, Cambodia and Uruguay share their experiences covering governments that are hostile toward the media.

Degrees at Cronkite

Degrees at Cronkite

Start Your Career in Journalism at Cronkite

With more than a dozen degree options and customizations, the Cronkite School prepares students for the media jobs of today and tomorrow. Cronkite offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism as well as degrees in sports journalism. Students also can combine a study of journalism with another discipline, such as meteorology or sustainability. All Cronkite degree programs offer students hands-on, expert instruction from world-class media scholars and award-winning journalists. Explore Cronkite’s degree programs today.

ASU 2020

Supporters of the Cronkite School include alumni, parents, foundations, media organizations and the journalism community. Discover how Campaign ASU 2020 will fuel discovery, champion student success and enrich the community. 

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