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Academic Standing Information

Students must maintain an ASU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher at the end of each fall or spring semester to remain in Academic Good Standing. Changes to your academic status are reflected on your MyASU page and will appear as Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Continuing Probation or Disqualification. Learn more about these designations below, and connect with your adviser with questions.

Academic Warning

Academic Warning occurs when: A student’s ASU cumulative GPA falls below a 2.00 after grades post for the first semester at the university.

Being on Academic Warning means: You are not prevented from enrolling in the upcoming semester. However, it is important to make substantive academic changes to prevent Academic Probation or Disqualification, and you should schedule an appointment with an academic adviser as soon as possible.

UNI 220 is a graduation requirement for on campus students placed on Academic Warning. You should enroll in UNI 220 the semester after being placed on Academic Warning. ASU Online students are strongly encouraged to enroll in UNI 220.

Academic Probation and Continuing Probation

Academic Probation occurs when: A student on Academic Warning does not achieve an ASU cumulative GPA of 2.00 for a second consecutive semester, or a student’s ASU cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 after the second semester.

Continuing Probation occurs when: A student already on Academic Probation does not achieve an ASU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher, but the student earns a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher in the most recent semester.

Being on Academic Probation and Continuing Probation means: You may continue taking classes at ASU, and a hold is placed on your account which will prevent future enrollment. You must meet with an academic adviser, after which your enrollment hold will be removed. 

You are at risk of Disqualification, which will prevent you from continuing at ASU during future semesters. 


Disqualification occurs when: A student on Academic Probation or Continuing Probation is unable to achieve an ASU cumulative or semester GPA of 2.00 while on Academic Probation or Continuing Probation.

Being on Disqualification means: You are restricted from enrolling at ASU in future fall/spring semesters. If you are already enrolled in coursework for the next semester, those courses will be administratively dropped. Courses during summer sessions will not be dropped.

You must sit out a minimum one fall or spring semester.

Readmission to the university must be approved before returning to ASU.

You are eligible and encouraged to enroll in summer coursework at ASU to improve your cumulative GPA.

To enroll in summer coursework: Students disqualified after a spring semester may enroll in the immediate summer session without completing a readmission application. Readmission to ASU for fall will be considered based on summer grades/progress. 

Disqualified students who have been absent from ASU for at least one fall or spring semester will need to apply for readmission for the next fall session. This approved readmission application will result in eligibility to register for the summer session. Readmission to ASU for the fall will be considered based on summer grades/progress.