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Hold an event at the Cronkite School

How to hold an event

At this time, the Cronkite School is not permitting any external clients from hosting in-person events in the building.

Due to the ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and ASU Community of Care protocols, accessibility and availability of Cronkite spaces are limited. Please refer to the most updated guidelines on in-person meetings and events.

With these updates to the guidelines, we are updating the Cronkite room request process:

  1. Continue to submit your room requests at least three (3) weeks in advance of your meeting and/or event.
  2. Once your room request has been approved and you receive a confirmation, you will be instructed to submit your event/meeting information to the Special Event Registry form. ASU login is required.
    1. Please review the event registry form descriptions for guidance on how to complete the form with information for your event/meeting. ASU’s safety team will review your submission and will follow up with any questions.
    2. If your event/meeting requires review, it will be indicated in the “Event Review Status” of your submission.
  3. When your event/meeting is submitted to the Special Event Registry form, please send your Event ID, which will be five digits, to and This will ensure that your event/meeting is abiding by ASU’s updated guidelines for in-person events.
  4. Prior to the event, the organizer must communicate the ASU Community of Care guidelines and highly recommend a negative COVID test prior to attending as part of the announcement or invitation. All attendees including invited guests and vendors must comply with university guidelines. ALL indoor events must require face coverings unless actively consuming food & beverages.

We thank you for your ongoing cooperation and understanding as we continue to work to keep our community safe!

Please read the following event guidelines and rates carefully to determine if one of the spaces that the Cronkite Events Team manages is an appropriate venue for your event. Note that we have limited space and limited staff therefore, you are responsible for facilitating and executing the events you hold at the Cronkite School.

Determine if we’re right for you

If you are interested in holding an event in the spaces that the Cronkite Events Team manages, please keep in mind the following guidelines for all events taking place in our facility.

  1. Event must have an academic or media-related focus. Priority will be given to events with related topics.
  2. Event must be non-advocacy.
  3. Event notice must be received at least three weeks prior to the event.
  4. Event must take place during regular building hours, if not additional charges will apply.
  5. Hosting groups are responsible for all of their own setup and cleanup of materials and equipment not provided by the Cronkite School.
  6. Any fees associated with the event must be received at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Scheduling an event

Please complete and submit the Cronkite School Event Request Form at least three weeks prior to the requested event date. Priority for scheduling will be given to Cronkite faculty, staff and student organizations. Other ASU colleges/departments and third party organizations may book event spaces based on the following academic calendar. All spaces are subject to availability.

Spring semester events (January – May)Available to book November prior
Summer semester events (June – August)Available to book May prior
Fall semester events (September – December)Available to book July prior

Our spaces

Please visit the Cronkite Event Spaces webpage for the list and descriptions of available spaces in the Cronkite building for your event.

ASU student organizations, departments, colleges and schools looking to reserve university classrooms CRONK 121, CRONK 122, CRONK 124, CRONK 125, CRONK 128, CRONK 440, CRONK 445, CRONK 447, CRONK 447, CRONK 449, CRONK 449, CRONK 451 and CRONK 453, please email university classroom scheduling at The Cronkite School Events Team does not support these university classrooms.

Building hours

All events should be held during regular building hours. Please note that during different times of year, building hours will vary. Event setup and strike must fall within building hours or additional charges will be applied.

Fall and spring semesters:

Monday – Thursday: between 7 a.m. and midnight
Friday: between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Over winter break, spring break and summer break, events may be held:

Monday – Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Any events held between the time frames outlined below will be charged an additional fee

Fridays between 6-9 p.m.: 50% surcharge
Saturdays between 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.: 50% surcharge
Sundays between 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.: 100% surcharge

Under no circumstances can events be held on university holidays.

An RSVP list must be provided to the Cronkite Events Team at at least three days before the event for security purposes.

Food and beverage

Catering in the First Amendment Forum, Cronkite 355 and the Cronkite Executive Board Room, room 444 is allowed only through Atlasta Catering or ASU Aramark Catering.

It is your responsibility to meet the catering delivery driver/staff. Delivery and pickup times must fall within scheduled event hours. You are required to notify the Cronkite School Events Team of all delivery and pickup times and provide a copy of your catering order at least three days prior to the event.

Alcohol policy

Alcohol can be permitted at events hosted at the Cronkite School. Please inform the Cronkite Events Team if there is an intention to serve alcohol at least three weeks prior to the date of your event.

First, approval must be granted by the Cronkite Events Team. Once approved, the Cronkite event coordinator will assist in filling out required University Alcohol Permit forms. Final approval comes from the ASU Police Department.

Please note that in order to serve alcohol, events must be free of charge to guests and the bar must be hosted (i.e. open bar).

Setup and cleanup

You are responsible for setup and cleanup of all materials and equipment not provided by the Cronkite School. Room(s) must be returned to its original condition and trash must be disposed of in available trash/recycling bins in the event space.

$200 cleaning fee will apply if the room is not returned to original state and/or trash is left behind.

Available equipment

The Cronkite School has the following equipment available for use, pending availability:

  • 180 red plastic chairs
  • 10 rectangular 6-foot banquet tables
  • 12 round 60-inch banquet tables
  • six round 30-inch cocktail tables

Please indicate the equipment you want to use on the Cronkite School Event Request Form.

Audio visual

Audio-visual needs must be requested on the Cronkite School Room Request Form. Please refer to the Cronkite Event Spaces webpage for a list of the available AV in each space.

Any presentations you would like to use in your event/meeting must be shared with the Cronkite School at least 48 hours in advance.

Video recording/live streaming

Interest in video recording of your event/meeting may be indicated on the Cronkite School Room Request Form. The First Amendment Forum and the Morgan Murphy Media / Elizabeth Murphy Burns and Richard Burns Theater are the only two spaces where video recording or livestreaming is available. Please visit our YouTube channel to see recorded events.

Cronkite Events Team must be notified that you want to record/livestream your event at least three weeks prior. Recording and livestreaming is subject to availability and additional fees will apply.

Cronkite School room rates

All spaces are subject to availability and rates vary. Please see the Cronkite School Room Rate Card for more information and contact the Cronkite Events Team for specific questions.

Advertising your event

Events should not be advertised until an official confirmation email is received from the Cronkite Events Team. Violation of this policy may result in a cancellation of your room request.


The Cronkite School can include your event on the daily signage in the Cronkite lobby. Signage will be displayed on the day of the event. Please note that no signs, posters, banners, etc. should be taped to any of the walls or windows of the Cronkite building. Handwritten signs are not permitted under any circumstances.

If you need additional directional signage, please indicate this on the Cronkite School Event Request Form.


Please visit ASU’s Downtown Campus parking information website for guest parking information. You are responsible for reserving and validating parking. The Cronkite School does not validate parking for non-Cronkite events.