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Student Clubs and Organizations at the Cronkite School

 Student Organizations

Asian American Journalists Association

AAJA is a nonprofit professional and educational organization that serves Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by encouraging young people to consider journalism as a career, developing managers in the media industry and promoting fair and accurate news coverage.

President: Sophia Kunthara at pallavi.kunthara@asu.edu 
Faculty adviser: Christina Leonard at christina.leonard@asu.edu

Association for Women in Sports Media
AWSM@Arizona State provides a campus community of sports-minded students and is open to both men and women. It is a student chapter of the national AWSM professional organization, which advocates for women in sports media through support services, networking, mentoring and assisting young women entering into sports media. It also serves as a watchdog, promoting fair portrayal of female professionals in sports media.

President: Ashley Bigley at arbigley@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Kristin Gilger at kristin.gilger@asu.edu

Cronkite Broadcast Association
The Cronkite Broadcast Association incorporates three clubs at Cronkite: Associated Press Television and Radio Association, which advances journalism through radio and television media and cooperates with The Associated Press in order to make available an accurate and impartial record of the news; National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry; and RTDNA, the world’s largest professional organization devoted exclusively to electronic journalism. RTDNA represents local and network news executives in broadcasting, cable and other electronic media in more than 30 countries. The student chapter at ASU provides its members with opportunities to make connections with local journalists and facilitates student members' attendance at other professional training opportunities.

President: Chloe Ranshaw at chloe.ranshaw@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Melanie Alvarez at melanie.alvarez@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Jim Jacoby at jim.jacoby@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Mark Lodato at mark.lodato@asu.edu

Cronkite Cut
Cronkite Cut is ASU's first and only student-run entertainment news entity. As a fully immersive multimedia project, students write, direct, produce and anchor a weekly show from one of the school's state-of-the-art broadcast studios. Cronkite Cut covers topics such as movies, music, fashion and art, as well as local and national entertainment news, making it a great platform for any journalism student who wants to learn more about entertainment reporting. In addition to Cronkite Cut episodes, the staff publishes new articles every week and regularly engages with viewers on social media.

President: Melanie Abramoff at melanie.abramoff@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Cassandra Nicholson at cassandra.nicholson@asu.edu

Fashion Journalist Club
The Fashion Journalist Club is an organization for journalism students interested in pursuing a career in fashion journalism. Members gain valuable experience by researching and writing stories for the club blog, covering local and national fashion week events and networking with industry professionals.

President: Madison Rowbotham at mrowboth@asu.edu
Adviser: Marianne Barrett at marianne@asu.edu

National Association of Black Journalists
The student chapter of NABJ at ASU affords professional, social and community involvement opportunities to its members, who can participate in mentorship and networking events that include career advancement workshops and the national organization's conference.

President: Jamie Barnes at jamie.barnes@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Retha Hill at retha.hill@asu.edu

National Association of Hispanic Journalists
NAHJ is committed to the advancement of Hispanics in the news industry. Through the ASU student chapter, students have the opportunity to meet professional journalists, apply for scholarships, attend the organization's national convention and more.

President: Genesis Monserrate at gmonserr@asu.edu

Vice President: Clara Benitez at clara.benitez@asu.edu

Faculty adviser: Anita Luera at anita.luera@asu.edu

National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association
NLGJA is an organization of journalists, media professionals, educators and students working from within the news industry to foster fair and accurate coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. NLGJA opposes all forms of workplace bias and provides professional development to its members. Student members will be part of the national group and have access to networking, mentorship and educational opportunities with journalists in the communication industry.

President: Alex Stevenson at ajsteve3@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig at michelle.craig@asu.edu

National Press Photographers Association 
The ASU student chapter of the National Press Photographers Association is committed to the enlightenment and education of students interested in the field of photojournalism. Through the exploration of journalistic writing, digital media and photography, students take part in valuable hands-on experiences and skill-building opportunities.

President: Courtney Pedroza at courtney.pedroza@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Kristin Gilger at kristin.gilger@asu.edu

Public Relations Student Society of America
PRSSA is a nationwide organization focused on providing students who aspire to have careers in the public relations/communications industry with experience in the field, via networking, internships, scholarships and other resources. ASU Cronkite's chapter offers opportunities for students to meet public relations professionals, gain mentors, broaden industry knowledge and communication skills, and share fellowship with other public relations professionals.

President: Kelsey Shumway at kpshumwa@asu.edu
Faculty adviser: Dr. Fran Matera at matera@asu.edu

SPJ/ONA Cronkite: Society of Professional Journalists and Online News Association
For more than 100 years, SPJ has been dedicated to encouraging a climate in which journalism can be practiced more freely and fully, stimulating high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism and perpetuating a free press. The Online News Association is a nonprofit membership organization for digital journalists, connecting journalism, technology and innovation. Since 1999, ONA has been at the forefront of a truly revolutionary age in digital media. The programs and services it provides help digital journalists in news organizations around the globe and across the corporate, independent and non-profit sectors adapt to the changing environment.

President: Sydnee Schwartz at sydnee.schwartz@asu.edu
Faculty advisers: Christina Leonard at christina.leonard@asu.edu and Mark Scarp at mark.scarp@asu.edu

Student Leadership Advisory Council
The Student Leadership Advisory Council is a group of Cronkite School student leaders who advise the dean. The council comprises the student leaders of the various student media on campus (The State Press, The Blaze), the campus-based media associations, the president of the Cronkite Council student government and the school’s representatives on the university-wide student government.

Faculty adviser: Dean Christopher Callahan at christopher.callahan@asu.edu

Walter Cronkite College Council
The Walter Cronkite College Council consists of elected leaders and students associated with the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Through event programming, funding advocacy, community service and providing leadership opportunities, the council strives to support and serve undergraduate organizations. Membership is open to all students attending the Cronkite School.

President: Alexis Kramer-Ainza at akramera@asu.edu
Staff adviser: Beth Nakamura at beth.nakamura@asu.edu