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Cronkite Global Initiatives

“To see the world, to know the world, to report the world.”

Cronkite Global

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Cronkite Global Initiatives fosters meaningful connections among Cronkite students, staff and faculty and international media professionals, scholars and citizens. Cronkite Global Initiatives fulfills its mission by building bridges of understanding, mutual respect and shared global engagement experiences.


The Cronkite School is home to the only Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program in journalism in the United States. The State Department program, in partnership with the Institute of International Education, brings 10 to 15 mid-career journalists and professional communicators from developing countries to the Cronkite School each year for 10 months.

The Cronkite School also hosts emerging international journalists through the Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists. Named in honor of the famed CBS broadcast journalist, the State Department program brings fellows from around the world to the United States to study journalistic principles and practices.

Other major international initiatives include Cronkite study abroad programs, overseas faculty research projects and invited scholars and professionals in residence.

Guiding Principles

Cronkite Global Initiatives seeks to:

  • Effect a significant impact on students and/or faculty and staff;
  • Focus on journalism and mass communication;
  • Assess and measure outcomes or improvements; and
  • Contain a strong service component.


Cronkite Global Initiatives is directed by Associate Professor B. William Silcock, a two-time Fulbright Scholar, with assistance from Program Coordinator Jan Holland-Malcom. To learn more, email b.silcock@asu.edu or janhm@asu.edu.