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Experiences for Visiting Students

Expand your campus

Universities around the world are invited to nominate students to participate in the Cronkite School’s immersive experience courses for university credit at their home institutions. Students may report on political, economic and social justice issues from Washington, D.C., or grow and engage audiences with strategic content from Los Angeles; both experiences are capstone-level courses for upper-division undergraduate students pursuing media careers.

The experiences

Partner universities may select from two semester-long immersive courses taught by Cronkite School faculty:

Student journalists work in the Cronkite News Washington, D.C. Bureau —just steps from the White House—reporting news across digital and broadcast platforms, covering daily breaking news and enterprising stories.

Know a student who wants to grow a YouTube channel, cultivate a TikTok following or help a brand tell its story on Instagram? At Cronkite’s Los Angeles Content Studio at the ASU California Center, student content creators grow, measure and monetize audiences for clients—and themselves.

Course dates and times

Both immersive courses operate year-round in the fall, spring and summer semesters. View the ASU Academic Calendar for course dates. Class sections in Fall and Spring operate two days each week (Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays), and students are expected to be in class from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (and participate in breaking news or client events during off hours, as appropriate); Summer sections operate three days per week. On the days they are not in class, students often participate in local internships or pursue other courses online. 


Undergraduate students must be nominated by an administrator at their home institution, be eligible for upper division course credit via transfer articulation, and meet specific course eligibility requirements. Contact assistant dean Brett Kurland for details, and view eligibility criteria in the notes section of each course.

View course links: undergraduate Washington, D.C. Reporting Experience | graduate Washington, D.C. Reporting Experience | undergraduate Los Angeles Content Creation Experience | graduate Los Angeles Content Creation Experience

University credit

Each experience is a graded, three-credit-unit course. Partner universities should ensure both the courses and students are eligible for transfer credit before nominating students. Please request current syllabi and articulation information from assistant dean Brett Kurland.


Tuition for Visiting University Students is set at the ASU Online tuition rate regardless of course modality. Students will be required to pay ASU tuition for three credits. Their home university is responsible for a $210 course fee, which includes a U-Pass transportation pass, equipment use and maintenance, software access and staff support. Financial aid is not available to Visiting University Students. Universities who wish to provide financial support must work directly with students; ASU cannot disburse funds to Visiting University Students.


Visiting students may be eligible for ASU Housing in Los Angeles; contact assistant dean Brett Kurland with inquiries. ASU does not operate university housing in Washington, D.C.; students are responsible for securing their own housing. 


Nominations are due by the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester: June 30
  • Spring semester: September 30
  • Summer semester: March 30

How it works

Universities and their students follow these steps:

  1. A partner university representative connects with the Cronkite School to discuss the opportunity, student eligibility and transfer credit.
  2. The partner university nominates student participants via email, pays the course fee and affirms transfer eligibility. Students must be in good academic standing at their home university and eligible to receive university credit for the three-credit course, and meet course eligibility requirements (equivalent to each course’s ASU prerequisites). The Cronkite School will provide consent for students to enroll as a Visiting University Student
  3. Selected students complete the ASU Application for Visiting University Students. The application takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and decisions are made within 48 hours.
  4. Accepted students receive an email prompting them to activate their MyASU portal, allowing them to register for the course (pending Cronkite School consent) and pay their tuition bill.
  5. Students arrange housing, transportation, financial support and transfer credit with their home institutions.
  6. Students travel to the course city and complete the course.
  7. Students request their official ASU transcript and submit it to their home institutions for transfer evaluation.

Next steps

Have a student (or a few) in mind? Contact assistant dean Brett Kurland with nominations and questions.