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L.A. Content Studio

Inside our L.A. studios, Cronkite students create content to cultivate their own media brands and help existing brands grow.

Where content creators grow

Want to grow a YouTube channel about gaming or fashion? Cultivate a TikTok following for your cooking hacks? Build a Substack around your travel exploits? Help a brand tell its story on Instagram?

Join Cronkite’s Los Angeles Content Studio to learn to become a successful content creator with demonstrated audience growth and engagement. Through hands-on learning, Content Studio students cultivate their storytelling skills as independent content creators, developing a content strategy; creating compelling strategic digital, video and social content; and measuring and monetizing that content. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the school’s Narrative and Emerging Media program to experiment with VR, AR and other immersive storytelling techniques and their impact on audience engagement.

Each student will work along parallel paths, building their own independent media brand and partnering with an existing brand to tell its story through innovative strategic content creation. Students will emerge with their own media platform to build on, client experience, a strong sense of how to effectively reach and serve broad and diverse audiences, and a keen understanding of the opportunities within the creator economy.

Course Prerequisites

Students who seek to use this course as a capstone experience must complete the following prerequisites. Please direct questions to the faculty listed below, or your academic adviser.

Undergraduates: JMC 301/302 and JMC 305/306. JMC 351/352, JMC 345/346, JMC 448 or MCO307

Graduates: MCO 502

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Become a client

Need video content for your brand? Want to grow your organization’s TikTok presence? Let the Cronkite Content Studio help!