Collection of logos, personal portraits and school images. Along with the required release forms and boilerplate text to help you stay on brand.

Boilerplate text

Boilerplate is descriptive language that helps ASU communicators speak consistently about ASU and its locations. Use these descriptions whenever you need to provide a brief overview about ASU or one of its locations. It is frequently placed at the end of a document.

ASU Boilerplate text. ASU boilerplates should be used without alteration.

About the Cronkite School
The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier professional journalism programs and has received international acclaim for its innovative use of the “teaching hospital” model. Rooted in the time-honored values that characterize its namesake — accuracy, responsibility, objectivity, integrity — the school fosters journalistic excellence and ethics in both the classroom and in its 13 professional programs that fully immerse students in the practice of journalism and related fields. Arizona PBS, one of the nation’s largest public television stations, operates out of the Cronkite building. Learn more at


Logos and partnership branding. Logos must be included in all materials. By downloading logo files you are agreeing to abide by the logo standards within the branding. Click on any version below to download the logo using “Right click” “Save as.”

Currently, the only unit in the Cronkite School the has approved sub-branded logo is News Co/Lab and Cronkite Agency. The logo can be downloaded from Canto. All other units must abide by the “text elements” and are not allowed to have their unit name in a lockup with ASU logo.

For associated units and partners, along with the guidelines for their use please visit the ASU Brand Guide.

Digital letterhead

Cronkite School digital letterhead. Digital letterhead documents are for electronic communication purposes only and follow the university standards. Do not edit the header or footer, change colors, fonts or layout. It is not to be used to print letters.

Photography and video

Photo/video release forms. All photographers taking photos/videos on university property or of a university event must obtain appropriate releases. For complete information about photography and video releases, and to download approved release forms, visit the ASU Brand Guide.

Employee portraits. These photos have releases and are shared with others for news stories and public use. If you have a updated preferred please reach out to and share the release form.

Cronkite School flickr. View the latest photos.

Promotional items

Promotional items are great for any type of occasion. There are some promotional items that are currently in stock and available to order. Special orders for promotional items can be requested.


Cronkite School water bottles

Sticker sheet

Circular stickers

Centers and institutes water bottles


I heart Cronkite sticker

Forks up sunglasses


Your story starts here sticker

Your story starts here pen

Banners and displays

Here are several banners and displays the school has that are available for events.

Zoom backgrounds

Here are several backdrops that you can use for all of your Zoom calls for virtual meetings and classes.

Templates and libraries

These tools can help you get started quickly and keep your work on brand.

Brand home

The Brand Engagement and Communications portal provides staff, faculty and students with the tools and resources to build consistent and powerful brands.