Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Updated August 2022

On-Campus Degree Programs

Undergraduate & Graduate on-campus combined enrollment: 1,317

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,167 students
4-Year Graduation Rate: 70.2%
6-Year Graduation Rate: 78.0%

Awarded University Merit Scholarships (incoming first-year students): 85% ($2,222,032)
Barrett Honors College: 13.6%
Out of State: 55.5%
Students of color: 39.9%
Retention (Fall 2021 Cohort): 87% (to department)

Journalism & Mass Communication, BA
Sports Journalism, BA
Digital Audiences, BS

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Enrollment: 150 students
Master’s Retention Fall 2021 to Fall 2022: 97.3%
Master’s Fall 2020 Cohort Graduation Rate: 91.3%

Mass Communication, MMC
Sports Journalism, MA
Investigative Journalism, MA
Journalism & Mass Communication, PhD

On-Campus Undergraduate & Graduate Alumni

Graduates Employed: 92%
Graduates Employed in Media: 71%
Response Rate: 83%

Online Degree Programs

Online enrollment (undergraduate and graduate combined): 1,146 students

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Enrollment: 912 students

Mass Communication & Media Studies, BA
Digital Audiences, BS
Digital Media Literacy, BA

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate enrollment: 339 students
Digital Audience Strategy, MS
Digital Audience Strategy Certificate