Internship Interview Days

Internship Interview Days are a premiere event at the Cronkite School to help you potentially secure an internship with a local media employer so you can enroll in a Cronkite internship course for academic credit towards an elective or degree requirement (If applicable to their degree).

Depending on your Cronkite major, you may be required to complete an internship for academic credit to fulfill a graduation requirement. If your major does not require an internship for academic credit or have not met the prerequisites for that course yet, you must enroll in the elective course option for the internship they secured from participating in the Internship Interview Days.

*Securing an internship by participating in Internship Interview Day is not guaranteed.

Fall 2024 Internship Interview Days

Any student who is interested in doing a spring 2025 internship is strongly encouraged to participate.

Students can only participate in ONE Internship Interview Day per semester.

Sports & Broadcast Interview Day: Thursday, September 26

  • Students will receive an email with the application: Friday, Aug.30
  • Application deadline: Friday, Sep. 6
  • Interview schedule will be emailed within a week before to the event.

Print/Digital & PR/Communications Interview Day: Thursday, October 24

  • Students will receive an email with the application: Friday, Sep. 27
  • Application deadline: Friday, Oct. 4
  • Interview schedule will be emailed within a week before to the event.

Internship Courses

You can use the Cronkite Internship Course Guide to learn more about the different internship course options and the course prerequisites. You are encouraged to meet with their Academic Adviser prior to participating in an Internship Interview Day to know which internship course would be best for them.

What to Expect

All Internship Interview Day events are held virtually. Internships secured through an Internship Interview Day are subject to in-person, hybrid, or remote based on the employer needs. To know more about what to expect from this event, please review the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this site.

How Internship Interview Days Works

1. Event Notifications

The first step is to look for the email that contains the application for your desired Internship Interview Day. Review the list of upcoming Internship Interview Days on the right side of this site to know when you can expect that email with the application. Please be mindful of deadlines.

2. Review Internships

Within the application will be a link to the Company Description Packet. The packet is an overview of the companies participating and the description of the internships they will be interviewing to fill.

3. Schedule

The Cronkite Career and Professional Development team will be in touch with you via email about your interview schedule and other day-of information.

4. Interview

You are ready for Internship Interview Day!

Frequently asked questions

Most students find internships through the designated internship interview days which are held every semester with sports, broadcast, public relations, and print/digital employers. These are scheduled 15-minute virtual interviews with local media organizations. All Internship Interview Day events are held virtually. Internships secured during interview day events are subject to in-person, hybrid or remote work based on the employer.

If you secure an internship through the interview day, you are required to register for course credit. Important application deadlines and dates of the events are listed on this site.

All Cronkite School students who have completed their first year and who are in good academic standing are encouraged to participate.

You need to be aware of the dates and deadlines on this site that correlate to the Internship Interview Day they would like to participate with. You can only participate in ONE Internship Interview Day per semester.

You will be notified of an upcoming event and instructions via their ASU email.

In order to participate, you must fill out an application. You must include year in school, an updated resume and links to relevant work samples. Please note: These materials will be shared with the employers.

No. You will interview with a predetermined list of companies in short, 15-minute virtual interviews. At the conclusion of the event day, you and the employers will rank one another. If there is an appropriate match, you will be offered an internship for the following semester.

Yes. You are required to sign up for either JMC 484 (a 3-credit, required Cronkite course), MCO 484 (a 3-credit course for online students) or MCO 294 (a 1-credit course).

You may only take JMC 484 or MCO 484 once during your academic career.

You may take MCO 294 multiple times if you participate in more than one internships or do not meet the academic prerequisites to enroll in JMC 484.

Graduate students may enroll in MCO 584, a 3-credit Cronkite course.

No. You will not be able to participate in the Internship Interview Day events. However, you are encouraged to check out our internship board weekly for new opportunities.

Please contact Karen Bordeleau, Director – Cronkite Careers & Professional Development at directly for all employer inquiries.