An adviser and student look at a computer screen together.

Graduate advising

Graduate advising is here to help students reach academic and career goals.

The role of your academic adviser is to provide resources to help you achieve academic success in your graduate degree or certificate program, including selecting classes to meet your degree requirements, assisting with course drops or withdrawals, helping you manage your schedule and prepare for graduation, ensuring you understand ASU and Cronkite academic policies and procedures, and serving as a connector to the many resources ASU has available to support you.

Common subjects discussed in graduate advising appointments

  • Course planning for the upcoming term
  • Long-term course planning
  • How to fill out the Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS)
  • Elective requirements
  • Medical/Compassionate withdrawal options
  • Breaking continuous enrollment
  • Academic difficulties, including probation and disqualification
  • Personal concerns

Contacting an advisor

While academic advising is not required for graduate students, students are highly encouraged to check in with your advisor once per semester, and at a minimum once per year.

All Cronkite graduate students, both on-campus and online, are advised by Kathren Sammis.

To schedule an appointment with Kathren call 602-496-5055 or email at

Need to complete a form for your adviser? Browse the graduate forms.

Students who need to cancel or reschedule an appointment should call the advising center at (602) 496-5055 prior to their scheduled appointment time. Students also may email their adviser directly. A student who is more than 15 minutes late is considered a NO SHOW. We will attempt to reach the student and they will be offered the next available appointment, following a 48-hour waiting period. If a student is a NO SHOW twice and wishes to schedule a third appointment, they will need to submit their request to the director of student services.