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Get involved! Explore Cronkite’s student groups.

Cronkite students have numerous opportunities to get involved on campus through student media, clubs and organizations from their very first day! Students can produce content for campus media organizations such as The State Press or Blaze Radio, or join impactful multicultural organizations and professional development groups.

All Day Sports Productions

All Day Sports Productions is a media club that is all about creating sports news content. Our club is dedicated to creating an opportunity for those who are passionate about being a sports journalist.

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President: Caleb Bouchy at

Asian American Journalists Association

AAJA formed in 2012 as one of the first university-based organizations affiliated with the national Asian American Journalists Association. The association provides support to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists and offers information, guidance and scholarship assistance to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalism students.

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President: Susan Wong at
Vice president: Tyler Bender at
Faculty adviser: Christina Leonard at

Association for Women in Sports Media

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Association for Women in Sports Media launched in 2013 in response to the growing number of female students interests in sports journalism. The chapter is affiliated with the national AWSM professional organization, which provides networking, mentoring and advice. The club is open to both men and women and works to promote fair portrayals of female professionals in sports media.

President: Riley Trujilo at
Vice president: Ava Chovanec at
Faculty adviser: Paola Boivin at

Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists

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National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association formed at the Cronkite School in fall 2010. It was the nation’s first student NLGJA chapter. Working with the national organization, students work to foster fair and accurate coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The club also provides networking, mentorship and educational opportunities.

Faculty adviser: Steve Kilar at

Blaze Radio

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Blaze Radio is operated by the Cronkite School and staffed primarily by journalism students who produce news, sports, music and online content for over-the-air and online audiences. Blaze Radio also is aired outside the Cronkite building through speakers placed along Taylor Mall.

Participation in the radio station has grown from about 30 students in 2008 to more than 400 in spring of 2019. Blaze Radio was named one of the top five college radio stations in the country by Billboard Magazine and The Princeton Review. Every year the station is recognized at the International Broadcasting System (IBS) and sends students to the awards ceremony in New York City.

The student-run radio station offers a way for students to immediately get involved in broadcast journalism and practice their writing, reporting, announcing, social media and production skills. In addition, students in the school’s broadcast intermediate reporting classes report and produce newscasts that air on the station throughout the school year.

Members maintain a website and social media pages for news, sports and alternative music fans. The promotions team plans and promotes concerts, remote broadcasts and other events via social media and traditional methods. The Sports department provides the sole radio play-by-play coverage dozens of ASU athletics games each year. The news department sends members out for event coverage in the Phoenix-metro area, and hosts a wide variety of broadcasted shows. Music students enjoy opportunities ranging from artist interviews to personal DJ shows. Student work has also expanded into podcasting.

The station operated for many years on the Tempe campus but was partially moved to the Cronkite building in 2008 when the school relocated to downtown Phoenix, and the remainder of the station was moved in 2013. Students now utilize state-of-the-art radio studios, field equipment and editing facilities in the Cronkite building. Students are guided under the advice and direction of an adjunct Cronkite faculty member.

Station manager: Jordan Spurgeon at
Promotions director: Gannon Hanevold at
Program Director: Allie Krusniak at
Faculty adviser: Jim Jacoby at

Cronkite Foreign Affairs and International Reporting Club

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Cronkite Foreign Affairs and International Reporting Club brings together students who are interested in international reporting and current events to discuss issues related to global journalism and connect with professionals who have worked internationally.

President: Aslan Hicks at
Vice President: Yoori Han at
Faculty Adviser: Jan Holland-Malcom at

The Cut Network

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In 2019, The Cut Network changed its look, name and goals. Formerly known as Cronkite Cut, the organization has grown out of its comfort zone to achieve higher levels of quality production. This included new graphics, inclusive positions in the studio and control room, and professional learning experiences. The Cut Network covers entertainment, sports, and political/local news attracting multiple audiences to the program.

The Cut Network is a student-led mini network that produces content weekly for multiple digital platforms. Students write, direct, produce and anchor the production from a studio at the Cronkite School.

Reporters, photographers and other members go out into the field for live hits and coverage. To prepare for this role, they endure a three-week boot camp where leaders show them the ins and outs of the organization.

In addition to posting The Cut Network episodes on YouTube, the staff publishes new articles each week and regularly engages with viewers on social media. Leaders of The Cut Network like to think of the production as preparation for the school’s professional program, Cronkite News.

Executive producer: Vanessa Venjohn at
Senior producer: Molly Hudson at
Faculty adviser: Gregg Elder at

Downtown Devil

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Downtown Devil is an independent online news publication dedicated to covering the downtown Phoenix community. Since 2009, after a group of Cronkite freshmen launched the website in Taylor Place, the Downtown Devil covers anything happening in downtown Phoenix like City Council, local arts and entertainment, small businesses and downtown education systems through writing, photography and video.

Downtown Devil attracts up to 80 students, many of them freshmen, each year and has won a number of regional awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. Downtown Devil alumni have gone on to hold jobs at prominent publications such as CNBC, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and more.

Executive editor: Sara Edwards at
Editor-in-chief: Lisa Diethelm at

Fashion Journalism Club

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The Fashion Journalism Club attracts students interested in careers in fashion industry reporting. Members report and write stories for a club blog on local and national fashion week events and network with industry professionals.

President: Megan Barbera at
Vice president: Lauren Lippert at
Faculty adviser: Marianne Barrett at

Inferno Intel

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Inferno Intel provides an outlet for sports-minded Cronkite students to cover ASU sports. The site features digital and multimedia content, including feature stories, videos, photos, game stories and much more. Prior to June 2019, our organization was called Devils in Detail, a website affiliated with FanSided. We chose to take a different direction, as we want to provide the most unbiased, quality and wide-reaching content to Sun Devil fans and college sports aficionados alike.

President: Adam Noel at
Video director: James Malamas at
Faculty adviser: Paola Boivin at

Multicultural Student Journalists Coalition

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The Multicultural Student Journalists Coalition re-debuted in the summer of 2020. The Cronkite School once hosted a similar group; however, that group dispersed into individual diversity organizations starting in 2010. A group of student leaders decided the diversity organizations could be stronger and make a larger impact if there was a unifying force behind them. The MSJC believes that there should be separate diversity organizations as well as a united one to create the most effective results for student journalists of color. 

Co-President: Nicole Shinn at
Co-President: Raphael Romero Ruiz at
Faculty adviser: Venita Hawthorne James at

National Association of Black Journalists

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The National Association of Black Journalists formed in 2011 with a focus on career advancement and networking. The group, which is open to students regardless of race, is affiliated with the national organization. It provides social and professional opportunities for students and enables members to help each other advance in their careers.

President: Kiarra Spottsville at
Vice president: Nicole Shinn at
Faculty adviser: Retha Hill at

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

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National Association of Hispanic Journalists launched in fall 2010. It was one of the first NAHJ student chapters in the country. Working with national and local chapters, students are mentored by professional journalists, apply for scholarships and attend the organization’s national convention.

President: Alexandra Mora Medina at
Vice president: Marisol Ortega at
Faculty adviser: Vanessa Ruiz at

National Press Photographers Association


The ASU student chapter of the National Press Photographers Association is committed to the enlightenment and education of students interested in the field of photojournalism. Through the exploration of journalistic writing, digital media and photography, students take part in valuable hands-on experiences and skill-building opportunities.

President: Marlee Smith
Faculty adviser: Kristin Gilger at

Native American Journalists Association

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Native American Journalists Association exists to empower Native American journalists here on campus, but also exists to highlight those issues impacting Native Americans every day. NAJA is open to any student who is Native American or to any student who wants to cover Native issues — even if they’re not Native. We are excited to start this club here at Cronkite because we believe that it is important for Native students to have a voice and for the issues impacting our communities to be investigated and reported on.

President: Noah Huerta at
Vice president: Kiarra Spottsville at

Public Relations Student Society of America

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PRSSA is a nationwide organization focused on providing students who aspire to have careers in the public relations/communications industry with experience in the field, via networking, internships, scholarships and other resources. ASU Cronkite’s chapter offers opportunities for students to meet public relations professionals, gain mentors, broaden industry knowledge and communication skills, and share fellowship with other public relations professionals.

President: Mary Louise Long at
Vice president: Melinda Sawyer at
Staff adviser: Krista Paniagua at

Society of Professional Journalists and Online News Association at Arizona State University

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For more than 100 years, SPJ has been dedicated to encouraging a climate in which journalism can be practiced more freely and fully, stimulating high standards and ethical behavior in the practice of journalism and perpetuating a free press. The Online News Association is a nonprofit membership organization for digital journalists, connecting journalism, technology and innovation. Since 1999, ONA has been at the forefront of a truly revolutionary age in digital media. The programs and services it provides help digital journalists in news organizations around the globe and across the corporate, independent and non-profit sectors adapt to the changing environment.

President: Cassandra Laubach at
Faculty adviser: Heather Dunn at

The State Press

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The State Press, ASU’s oldest student media outlet, has published news and information for ASU audiences for 120 years. While independent of the Cronkite School, students who are part of The State Press, ASU’s daily student news outlet, work out of a newsroom on the fourth floor of the Cronkite building with approximately 1,800 square feet of space that includes an open newsroom workspace, conference room and student and professional offices. (The newspaper also has a newsroom on the Tempe campus.) Student Media students who have received training on broadcast equipment use a Cronkite television studio and control room to produce and edit videos. In addition, the editorial adviser to The State Press, an alumnus and longtime adjunct Cronkite faculty member, maintains an office in the building.

In 2014, the State Press became an all-digital publication – the first major university student newspaper to convert entirely from print to online. The news organization publishes at and maintains an active social media presence. It also publishes The State Press Magazine, which appears online and is distributed as a print product on campus each quarter.

The State Press is an independent news organization, with students controlling editorial decisions. A part-time editorial adviser works with students to promote high standards of journalism and provide training. An advisory board made up of faculty, students and journalism professionals select editors and offer editorial advice. Several Cronkite faculty members serve on the board, which is chaired by Kristin Gilger.

More than 100 students – most of them journalism majors – typically work for The State Press each year. Additionally, students from Cronkite classes, such as the beginning and intermediate news writing and reporting courses, regularly contribute material for publication. Many Cronkite students get their first news experience at The State Press, volunteering as reporters, photographers, videographers and producers in their freshman year; some then move into paid reporting, producing and editing roles later in their academic careers.

Executive editor: Adrienne Dunn at
Editor-in-chief: Andrew Howard at
Faculty adviser: Jason Manning at

Student Leadership Advisory Council

The Student Leadership Advisory Council is a group of Cronkite School student leaders who advise the dean. The council comprises the student leaders of the various student media on campus (The State Press, The Blaze), the campus-based chapters of professional media associations, the president of the Walter Cronkite College Council and the school’s representatives on the university-wide student government.

Faculty adviser: Kristin Gilger at

Walter Cronkite College Council

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The Walter Cronkite College Council consists of elected leaders and students associated with the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Through event programming, funding advocacy, community service and providing leadership opportunities, the council strives to support and serve undergraduate and graduate students and organizations. Membership is open to all students attending the Cronkite School.

President: Mitchell Zimmerman at
Vice president: Velvet Wahl at
Staff adviser: Mary Cook at

Walter Cronkite Sports Network

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Cronkite Sports Network is a student-run broadcasting and digital organization that offers play-by-play and production opportunities for students. Launched in 2012 by a group of sports-minded students, Cronkite Sports Network covers all ASU Division sports for its multimedia-rich site. Students partner with the Pac-12 Network to cover women’s basketball and soccer, hockey, softball and gymnastics. The network also produces “Cronkite Sports Live,” an online sports show that airs live on Friday afternoon during the fall and spring semesters on YouTube.

President: Tyler Manion at
Vice president: Gabe Swartz at
Faculty adviser: Mark Reda at