Digital Audiences Lab

The Digital Audiences Lab is a first-of-its-kind professional immersion program in which students work with real clients to meaningfully grow, engage and measure their audiences.

Led by digital marketing professional Luis Bonilla, the lab employs the Cronkite School’s renowned teaching hospital model to develop student proficiency in digital strategy, social media, SEO/SEM, analytics and client relations.

Students work in teams in an agency-like environment, researching audience opportunities and creating data-driven growth strategies for clients. Then they put the strategies to work with real social campaigns, search optimization and content testing, and they measure performance in real time.

Using the storytelling techniques they’ve developed in their journalism curriculum, students also create written, video and graphic content to propel campaigns and form valuable brand/audience relationships. Students create analytics reports and make client presentations to demonstrate and quantify true audience growth.

The skills students learn in the Digital Audiences Lab are in demand, as nearly every organization has a digital audience to engage. Students go to become social media managers, digital video and graphics specialists, content producers and analysts, reporters and editors. Students also pursue work in strategic communications, sales, technology and entrepreneurship.


Undergraduates: JMC 305, and MCO 307, and JMC 301 or JMC 315

Graduates: MCO 502, and MCO 561


Luis Bonilla

Luis Bonilla

Director, Digital Audiences Lab, Professor of Practice