Emeriti Faculty

The Cronkite School is proud of the accomplishments and contributions of former and retired faculty, who dedicated decades to the education of Arizona State University’s students.

Douglas A. Anderson, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Marianne Barrett, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Christopher Callahan, MPA, Harvard University (Cronkite School founding dean)

Robert Ellis, M.A., Case Western Reserve University

Mary-Lou Galician, Ed.D., Memphis State University

Kristin Gilger, M.A., University of Nebraska

Donald G. Godfrey, Ph.D., University of Washington

Roy K. Halverson, Ph.D., University of Illinois

John Craft, Ph.D., Ohio University

Frederic “Fritz” Leigh, Ed.D., Arizona State University

Tim McGuire, J.D., William Mitchell College of Law

B. William Silcock, Ph.D., University of Missouri

George Watson, Ph.D., Duke University