Virtual Panel:Importance of Nonprofit Journalism in Today’s Democracy

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Wednesday, June 8 at 7 a.m.


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Virtual Panel:Importance of Nonprofit Journalism in Today's Democracy

The most pressing issues of our time are playing out along the I-10 corridor: drought, sea-level rise, immigration, energy transition, climate change, and many would argue the future of democracy itself. Now more than ever, telling the compelling stories of these issues from a local and independent perspective is critical to gaining greater understanding and perspective for a more informed citizenry.

In this Ten Across virtual panel discussion, we will bring together distinguished editors from several independent news outlets across the U.S. I-10 corridor to discuss the importance and future of nonprofit journalism, examples of its impact in reporting critical issues impacting the Ten Across region, and its importance to our sometimes fragile democracy.

Join us for a great discussion!

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