High school programs

Don’t wait for college. Join the Cronkite School’s learning experiences just for high schoolers.

The Cronkite School is the nation’s premier mass communications school, and home to Arizona PBS, the largest media outlet operated by a school in the world. With programs in digital media, broadcast news, sports reporting, social media, public relations, digital marketing, Spanish-language news, podcasting and more, Cronkite offers hands-on learning experiences and impressive careers. Our enrichment programs give high school students a taste of the Cronkite experience while boosting their media skills.

Browse our just-for-high-schoolers summer camps, explore our workshops, request a visit to your school (or ours!), or connect with us to learn more.

Cronkite in Your Classroom

We’ll bring our education to you! We offer learning activities that complement your English, Spanish, media and arts curricula. Let’s partner up: Now more than ever, communities and media organizations need diverse and creative voices. We want to help your students change the world!

Choose from these workshops, which can adapt to 30, 45 or 60 minutes:

  1. The Cronkite School 101: What’s it like to study media in college? What will you learn, and what jobs can you get?
  2. Sports interviewing: Students learn the art of inquiry: Asking good questions, listening, and following up.
  3. Building your brand: Social media is more than just a way to connect: Students learn best practices for personal branding.
  4. Script writing & vocal delivery: Students learn how to adapt their writing for broadcast and develop their voices for public speaking.
  5. News literacy basics: How do we consume news and media, and how can we make sure what we read is factual and truthful?
  6. Developing your story: We all have a story to tell: Learn how to do that in a way that captivates an audience.

Contact us

Have questions on how Cronkite can work with your school, organization, teachers, advisers or students? Reach out! Connect with us at attendcronkite@asu.edu.