News access

ASU students have free access to national news outlets. Learn how to access them and view the front page of the Arizona Republic below.

New York Times

Students may access the New York Times for free; they must renew their access pass each year. (The pass supports access on desktop and the NYT smartphone app, but not tablet apps.) View the details here, or follow the steps below to activate your subscription.

1. Go to the NYT academic group registration page:

2. Click “Create an Account” using your email address.

3. When you see START YOUR ACCESS, students registering for their passes will be asked to provide an anticipated graduation date and will not have to re-authenticate for their pass until that date.

Wall Street Journal

Students may claim a free digital subscription to the Wall Street Journal; student accounts remain active until graduation. (If you already have a personal paid subscription, call 1-800-JOURNAL [1-800-568-7625] to switch from your paid subscription to an ASU subscription; you will be refunded the remaining balance.) Get the details here, or follow the steps below to activate your subscription.

1. Go to the WSJ registration page:

2 .Enter your first and last name.

3 .Select an Account Type from the dropdown: Student, Professor, or Staff

4. Enter your ASU email address and create a password. The email address and password will allow access on other devices outside of the university network.

5. Click CREATE to complete registration and create your WSJ subscription.

6. Once you have an account, you may go directly to:

Arizona Republic

Students may pay to subscribe to The Arizona Republic here: 

Alternatively, students may view the front pages of the Republic and other newspapers at the Freedom Forum: Use the “list” option and scroll down to find “Arizona.” The site does not store back issues; you must check it every day to see daily content. (You may want to print or download the front pages so you can refer to them later.) Another alternative is Click on the search icon in the upper right of the home page, and search for “Arizona Republic.”