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Cronkite Village in Taylor Place

Cronkite Village students attend the 2009 Cronkite Award Luncheon
Cronkite Village students attend the 2009 Cronkite Award Luncheon.
Cronkite Villagers celebrate Halloween
Cronkite Villagers celebrate Halloween.

Cronkite Village is a residential college designed exclusively for Cronkite School first-time freshmen. Cronkite Villagers live and learn together in Taylor Place, the Downtown Phoenix Campus residence hall.

Students in Cronkite Village have the opportunity to interact with professionals from newspapers, radio and television stations, public relations agencies, nonprofit organizations and digital media organizations in one of the nation’s top media markets.

Cronkite Village also hosts fun activities such as sports and cultural outings, scavenger hunts, community dinners, service projects, intramural sports and more. Villagers enjoy the strong sense of community they build through these activities.

Living with like-minded, motivated students in Taylor Place residence hall helps students make friends, get involved and assimilate quickly to college life. In fact, Cronkite Villagers often become student leaders within the Cronkite School and ASU.

All Cronkite School residential freshmen who are not in Barrett, The Honors College will be part of Cronkite Village. Students admitted to the honors college will live in the Barrett residential college in Taylor Place.

Cronkite Village is open only to journalism students who plan to live in Taylor Place.