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Student Awards

Announced in 2013

AEJMC International Communication Division

News Story Contest
First: Stephanie Paprer, Lindsay Hoffman and Selena Larson, "Scars of War"
Second: Julia Tylor and Mary Shinn, "Citizens of Nowhere"

Annual Press Visit to the European Union

Lorri Allen and Mary Shinn

Arizona Partnership for Immunization

Big Shots for Arizona Spot Shot Award: Danielle Verbrigghe

Arizona Photojournalism Awards

College Photographer of the Year: Aaron Lavinsky

Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts 2013

Longform Documentary
Second: Alex Lancial, Tara Molina and Jake Stein, "Scholarslip"

Long-form Documentary
Honorable Mention: Morgan Cox, Nicole Shumate, Erin Collins and Mary-Catherine Parent, "Paying The Price"

Short-form Documentary
Honorable Mention: Dan Neligh, "The Incidents At Church Rock"

Student TV News
Best of Festival: Dan Neligh, "Traveling to Mexico For Dental Work"

TV Feature Reporting
Third: Jack Highberger "Bootmaker in Nogales"

TV Hard News Reporting
First: Nathan O'Neal, "Navajo HIV"
Third: William Melugin, "Scottsdale City Council Finances"
Honorable Mention: Ryan Haarer, "Buffalo Invasion"
Honorable Mention: Jack Highberger, "Juarez Reporter"

TV Newscast
First: Cronkite Staff, "Cronkite Newswatch"

TV News Anchor
Second: Ryan Haarer

Radio Sports Story / Feature / News
First: Hayden Packwood, "Halloween Baseball"

TV Sports
Honorable Mention: Kimberly Pestalozzi "The Price of Playing"
Award of Excellence in Videography: Lisa-Charise Blanco
Award of Excellence in Storytelling: Fahim Rasul

TV Sports Talent
Honorable Mention: Amber Harding, "Cronkite NewsWatch & SportsWatch 101"

College Television Awards

Best Newscast
Cronkite NewsWatch: Kristin Couturier and Amber McMurray

Cosmopolitan for Latinas

Blogger Award
Michelle Rivas

EPPY Award

Best College/University Investigative Report: Documentary Report
First: Corbin Carson, Maryann Batlle, Jack Fitzpatrick, Joe Henke, Natasha Khan, Jeremy Knop, Khara Persad and AJ Vicens, Carnegie-Knight News21 "Who Can Vote?"

Film, Television, New Media and Videography Awards

Award of Merit for Creativity/Originality and Sales/Branding
Nesima Aberra, Deni Donevski, Lily Zimmel, "Sealed Sweets: Uniquely Sweet Gifts"

Greg Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award 2012

Winner: Danielle Gregory
Honorable Mentions: Peter Haden, Diana Lustig, Cydney McFarland

Hearst 2012 National Championship

Television Broadcast News
First: Dan Neligh
Finalist: Nathan O'Neal

Best Use of Television for News Coverage
Winner: Nathan O’Neal

Third: Weston Phippen

Hearst Journalism Awards Intercollegiate Competitions 2012-2013

Broadcast News
Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Hearst Journalism Awards 2012-2013

Broadcast News
Fifth: John Genovese, "Posse Training & Attorney Threats"
Seventh: Jack Highberger, "Bootmaker, Juarez Journalist"

Radio Broadcast News
Third: Nick Franck, "Super Fan & Pet Detective"
12th: Kristen Weisell, "Rooster Cogburn's Ranch & Sex Offender Halloween"

Broadcast News Television Features
13th: Jessica Goldberg

Ninth: Alexandria Gregory

Multimedia Enterprise
17th: Aaron Lavinsky, "Journey Home"
25th: William Melugin, "Scottsdale Campaign Finances"

Multimedia News
21st: Julia Tylor, "Bighorn Sheep"

Photojournalism News & Features
Seventh: Aaron Lavinsky
25th: Molly J. Smith

Team Reporting
Tia Castaneda
Ellie Cano
Kylee Gauna
Jessie McDonough
Maycie Thornton
Channing Turner
Colton Shone
Aldo Vazquez
Laura Yanez
Alysson Zepeda

Television News
30th: Kristina Zverjako

Writing-Enterprise Reporting
Eighth: Jessica Testa

Eighth: Veronica Jones
16th: Diana Martinez

Princeton in Asia Fellowship

Julie Vitkovskaya

PRSA, Phoenix

Public Affairs Copper Anvil Award

Cassidy Olson, Rachel Steingard and Samantha Womer, "21 or Too Young Campaign to Reduce Underage Drinking"

PRSA, Phoenix

Public Affairs Platinum PR Award

Cassidy Olson, Rachel Steingard and Samantha Womer, "21 or Too Young Campaign to Reduce Underage Drinking"

Robert F. Kennedy Award

College Reporting
Joshua Armstrong, Serena Del Mundo, Michel Duarte, Lauren Gilger, Carie Gladding, Joanne Ingram, Bastien Inzaurralde, Lindsay Erin Lough, Tarryn Mento, Nick Newman, Nathan O'Neal, Whitney Phillips, Brandon Quester, Cristina Rayas, Lisa Ruhl, Stephanie Snyder, Dustin Volz, "Stateless in the Dominican Republic"

36th Annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards

Student Newscast
Cronkite NewsWatch

Student News: General Assignment
Blake Essig, "Unemployed Military Veterans"

Student Sports
Blake Essig, "Brad Evans Homecoming"

Student Photographer
Jessica Goldberg, "Cadets Train to Become Firefighters"

Student Editor
Jessica Goldberg, "Tough Workouts at The Duce Bring Out the Best"

Society of Professional Journalists National Mark of Excellence Awards 2012 Competition

General News Reporting
National Winner: AJ Vicens and Natasha Khan, News21, "Voters Feel Intimidated by Election Observers"

Online Feature Reporting
National Winner: Natasha Khan and Fara Illich, Borderlands Initiative, "Dominican Immigrants Fight for land Rights in Puerto Rico"

TV General News Reporting
National Winner: Bill Melugin, Cronkite NewsWatch, "Scottsdale City Council Bought and Paid for by Liquor Industry?"

TV News Photography
National Winner: Blake Essig, Cronkite Newswatch, "Vets Training to become Firefighters”

TV Sports Reporting
National Winner: Amber Harding, Justin Beatty and Kim Pestalozzi, Cronkite NewsWatch, "In Depth: The Price of Playing"

Feature Photography
National Finalist: Aaron Lavinsky, nationalgeographic.com, "Painting the Painted Desert"

Feature Photography
National Finalist: Aaron Lavinsky, nationalgeographic.com, "Painting the Painted Desert"

General News Photography
National Finalist: Aaron Lavinsky, The State Press, "Election Night"

TV Feature Photography
National Finalist: Jack Highberger, Cronkite NewsWatch, "Nogales Old West Tradition Survives"

Breaking News Reporting
National Finalist: Dustin Volz and Victoria Pelham, Cronkite News Service, Washington Bureau, "SB1070 Arguments before Supreme Court"

Feature Writing
Maryann Batlle, Borderlands Initiative
"Violent Campaign for Puerto Rico Independence Shatters Families on Both Sides of the Fight"

Best Affiliated Website
Statepress.com, The State Press

Online Opinion & Commentary
Gabriel Radley, The Downtown Devil, A selection of columns

Society of
Professional Journalists National Mark of Excellence Awards 2011 Competition

Best Independent Online Student Publication National Finalist
Downtown Devil

Online In-depth Reporting
National Winner: Alicia Cormie, Nicole Gilbert, Joanne Ingram, Max Levy, Tarryn Mento, Nathan O’Neal, Whitney Phillips, Brandon Quester, Stephanie Snyder, Dustin Volz, “How Safe Is Your Food?”

Online News Reporting
National Finalist: Cronkite News Staff, “24 Hours at the Border Reveals Region That Defies Stereotypes”

Online Opinion and Commentary
National Winner: Vaughn Hillyard, Opinion Columns

Best All-Around Television Newscast
National Winner: Cronkite NewsWatch

General News Reporting
National Finalist: Kylee Gauna, “Citizen Group Uses Controversial Methods to Patrol the U.S.-Mexico Border”

Television News Photography
National Finalist: Dan Neligh, “A Line In the Sand: The Story of Two Volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico Border”

SPJ Regional Competition 2012

Best Affiliated Website (Large)
First: Julie Vitkovskaya, Caitlin Cruz, StatePress.com

Best All-around Daily Student Newspaper
First: Yvonne Gonzalez, Caitlin Cruz, Julie Vitkovskaya, The State Press

Best All-around TV Newscast
Second: Cronkite NewsWatch

Best Independent Online Publication
First: Corbin Carson, Maryann Batlle, Jack Fitzpatrick, Joe Henke, Natasha Khan, Jeremy Knop, Khara Persad, AJ Vicens, "Who Can Vote?"

Best Independent Online Student Publication
Second: Downtown Devil

Breaking News Photography
Second: Murphy Bannerman, "ASU Breaking News Photography Entry"

Breaking News Reporting (Large)
First: Victoria Pelham, Dustin Volz, "SB1070 Arguments Before Supreme Court"

Feature Photography (Large)
First: Aaron Lavinsky, "Painting the Painted Desert"

Feature Writing
First: Maryann Batlle, "Violent Campaign for Puerto Rican Independence Shatters Families on Both Sides of the Fight"

General Column Writing
First: Savannah Thomas

General News Photography (Large)
First: Aaron Lavinsky, "Election Night"

General News Reporting (Large)
First: AJ Vicens, Natasha Khan, "Voters Feel Intimidated by Election Observers"

In-Depth Reporting (Large)
First: Corbin Carson, Natasha Khan, "Comprehensive Database of U.S. Voter Fraud Uncovers No Evidence That Photo ID Is Needed"
Third: Sarah Pringle, "State’s Workplace-safety Efforts Focus Primarily on Construction"

Nonfiction Magazine Article
Third: Veronica Jones, "The Cannabis Consligliere"

Online Feature Reporting
First: Natasha Khan, Fara Illich, "Dominican Immigrants Fight for Land Rights in Puerto Rico"

Online Feature Reporting (Large)
Third: Anna Ramirez, "Visual Artist - Space Paintings"

Online In-depth Reporting
Second: Maryann Batlle and Carl Straumsheim, "States Vary Widely on Restoring Voting Rights for Felons"

Online News Reporting
Third: Brandon Ross and Alyssa Deitsch, "Can a Piece of Paper Block Border Smuggling Tunnels? New Law Will Try"

Photo Illustration (Large)
Second: John Sullivan, ASU Photo Illustration Entry

Radio Sports Reporting
Second: Nick Franck, "Super Fan"

TV Breaking News Reporting
First: Kristina Zverjako, "Attorney General Investigation"
Second: Cassondra Strande, "Maricopa County’s Troubles With Hispanic voting Materials"
Third: Liz Kotalik, "Border Patrol Agent Killed"

TV Feature Photography
First: Jack Highberger, "Nogales Old West Tradition Survives"
Second: Nathan O'Neal, "Court Judge in Rock Band"

TV General News Reporting
First: Bill Melugin, "Scottsdale City Council Bought and Paid for by the Liquor Industry?"
Third: Joe Nemec, "Crossing the Border for a Better Deal"

TV In-Depth Reporting
First: Cronkite NewsWatch, "Failing Our Future"
Second: Jack Highberger, "Juarez Orphanages"
Third: Jessica Goldberg, "Drug Culture"

TV News Photography
First: Blake Essig, "Vets Training to Become Firefighters"
Second: Dan Neligh, "Dental Work in Mexico"
Third: Nathan O’Neal,"Navajo HIV"

TV Sports Photography
First: Jessica Goldberg, "Valley Woman Hopes to Bring her Boxing Talents to the Olympics"
Second: Jordan Hamm, "Swimmer Overcomes Injuries"
Third" Cailyn Bradley, "All-Female Rowing Team"

TV Sports Reporting
First: Amber Harding, Justin Beatty and Kim Pestalozzi "In-Depth: The Price of Playing"

Voxxi News

Top Latina Health Blogger of 2012
Michelle Rivas