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Student Awards

Announced in 2012

Accolade Competition

Corporate/Employee Communication
Award of Merit: Lejla Kapetanovic, Rachel Sutherland, Sabrina Willard, Intel (SurReal)

Special Effects/Animation
Award of Merit: Lejla Kapetanovic, Rachel Sutherland, Sabrina Willard, Intel (SurReal)

Public Service Programming/PSA
Cassidy Olson, Rachel Steingard, Samantha Womer, Tempe Coalition (21 or Too Young)

Best of the West

General Reporting
First Place: State Press Staff, "After Brewer Signs Immigration Bill, Protestors Vow to Keep Fighting"

Feature Writing
First Place: Shanna Wester, "Does ASU Have a Porn Problem?"

First Place: State Press Staff, "Seeing it Through"

Sports Reporting
Second Place: Nathan Meacham, "Robles Provides Inspiration On and Off The Mat"

Broadcast Education Association

Student Newscast
Best of Festival: Vaughn Hillyard, Shanda Hurst, McKenzie Manning, Matthew Trotter, Cronkite NewsWatch

Documentary Longform
Best of Festival: Lisa Blanco, Arielle Horsch, Samantha Lloyd, Angela Ortega, "Tipping the Scales"
Honorable Mention: Nathan O’Neal, "Stateless in the Dominican Republic"

TV Feature Reporting
First Place: Dan Neligh, "Symphony Conductor"
Honorable Mention: Gardenia Coleman, "From DOPE to HOPE"
Honorable Mention: Andrew Ellison, "Land Preserves"
Honorable Mention: Nathan O’Neal, "Underground Hotel"
Honorable Mention: Taryn Hale, "For Rancher, Life on the Border Means Crossers Cutting Fences, Leaving Litter"
Honorable Mention: Krystal Klei, "Homeless Sleeping Mats"
Honorable Mention: Siera Lambrecht, "Sun Devils 101: Episode 6"

TV Anchor

Third Place: Lindsay Nadrich
Honorable Mention: Andrew Ellison
Honorable Mention: Dan Neligh

TV Hard News Reporting

Second Place: Lindsay Nadrich, "Obama Campaign in Arizona"

Honorable Mention: Matthew Trotter, "Superstition Crash"

TV Weathercaster

First Place: Daryl Bjoraas

Third Place: Taryn Hale

Radio Feature Reporting

Second Place: Isaac Easley, Golden Grannies

TV Sports Talent

Third Place: Brandon Kamerman

Radio Hard News Reporting

Honorable Mention: Lydia Camarillo, "Occupy Phoenix"

Chips Achievement Prize, Chips Quinn Scholars

Outstanding Enterprise Reporting
Salvador Rodriguez, "Free Texting Alternatives Get Thumbs Up"

Fulbright Scholar

Dustin Volz

Greg Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award

First: Aaron Lavinsky
Honorable Mentions: Blake Wilson, Stephanie Snyder, Duyen Tran

Hearst National Championship

Multimedia National Championship
Third Place: Dan Neligh

Radio National Championship
Finalist: Gardenia Coleman

Writing National Championship
Finalist: Lauren Gambino

Hearst Journalism Awards

Multimedia News
First Place: Dan Neligh, "A Line in the Sand: The Story of Two Volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico Border"
Third Place: Cristina Rayas, "FBI Data, Scholars: As Illegal Immigration Rose, Crime 
Rate Fell"

TV News Reporting
First Place: Nathan O’Neal, "Food Safety, Navajo HIV"

Sixth Place: Ryan Haarer, "Alabama Immigration Law, Buffalo Invasion"

Feature Writing
First Place: Weston Phippen, "Wrap ‘em Up Tightly"
Sixth Place: Dustin Volz, "Illegal Haitian Workers in Demand"

TV Feature Reporting
Fourth Place: Dan Neligh, "Symphony Conductor, Food Trucks"
Fourteenth Place: Krystal Klei, "Homeless Sleeping Mats, Female Boxing Promoter"

Radio Feature Reporting
Ninth Place: Lydia Camarillo, "Occupy Phoenix, Pow Wow"

Multimedia Reporting-Human Condition
Ninth Place: Alexandria Gregory, "Living Independently with ALS: One Man’s Story"
Eleventh Place: Selena Larson, "Child Slaves of West Africa"

Multimedia Feature Reporting
Twelfth Place: Jeremy Knop, "The Art of an Immigrant’s Dream"
Fifteenth Place: Selena Larson, "Scars of War"

Enterprise Reporting
Thirteenth Place: Griselda Nevarez, "College But a Dream for Many Undocumented Workers"
Eighteenth Place: Kyle Daly, "Uninvited: Desk Closings Lead to Homeless Entering Dorms"

Breaking News Reporting
Eighteenth Place: Dustin Volz, "Giffords Casts Last Vote, Resigns Seat in Emotional Day in Congress"
Twenty-fifth Place: Connor Radnovich, "Wallow Fire Consumes 60,000 Acres Near Alpine"

Multimedia News Reporting
Nineteenth Place: Stephanie Snyder, "Farmers Markets Thrive While Concerns Grow"

Journalism Interactive

Entrepreneurial Pitch Contest
First Place: Nick Gnat, Qayto

National Headliner Award

First Place: Daniel Baxley, David Cardoza, Kim Ferrari, Justine Garcia, Maritsa Granillo, Jeremy Knop, Lindsey Kupfer, David Luzader, Alex MacLean, Kelsey Makings, Ellen McManus, Dan Neligh, Allie Nicodemo, Molly Pfister, Taylor Renfro, Salvador Rodriguez, Don Romeo, Christie Roshau, Stephanie Snyder, Anne Stegen, Megan L. Thomas, Janice Vega, Danni Marie Vicha, Beth Wischnia, Danae Young, Britton Zogg, "Arizona Storytellers"

Radio Television Digital News Association Rob Sunde Broadcasting Fellowship

Gardenia Coleman

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards

NewsWatch Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch

News, General Assignment
Winner: Courtney Godfrey, "Superior Mining Controversy"
Nominee: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"
Nominee: Anthony Spehar, "Tempe Land Battle"

Long Form
Winner: Nathan O’Neal, Cristina Rayas, Lisa Ruhl, "Stateless in the Dominican Republic"
Nominee: Nicholas Blumberg, Gardenia Coleman, 
Mallory Kydd, "The Keepers"

Winner: Mallory Kydd, Sun Devils 101/Jim Brock
Nominee: Tom Miller, Sun Devils 101/ASU Hockey

Winner: Dan Neligh, Border Volunteers

Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition

Jack Highberger

Scripps Howard Scholarship

Aaron Lavinsky
Mugo Odigwe
Master Tesfatsion

Society of American Business Editors and Writers

Best in Business – Student Publications
Elvina Nawaguna-Clemente, "Deteriorated Properties Prompt Battles Between Struggling Towns, Professor"

Society of Professional Journalists National Mark of Excellence Awards Competition

TV News Photography
First Place: David Gonzalez, "Please Come to Mexico"

TV Feature Photography
First Place: Natalie Podgorski, "Garage Boxing"

Best TV Newscast
First Place: Cronkite NewsWatch

TV Breaking News
First Place: Cronkite NewsWatch, Winter Storm Report

Feature Writing
Finalist: Grant Martin, "As Climate Warms, Deserts, Forests, Cities Face an
Uncertain Future"

SPJ Regional Competition

Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
First Place: Nathan Meacham, Jessica Testa, The State Press

Best All-Around TV Newscast
First Place: Cronkite NewsWatch Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch

Best Independent Online Student Publication
First Place: LeeAnn DiSanti, Dan Neligh, Salvador Rodriguez, Stephanie Snyder, Dustin Volz, Downtown Devil

Online Feature Reporting
First Place: Dylan Abrams, Kortney Tenaglia, "Life On The Light Rail"

Online In-Depth Reporting
First Place: News21 Staff Alicia Cormie, Nicole Gilbert, 
Joanne Ingram, Max Levy, Tarryn Mento, Nathan O’Neal, Whitney Phillips, Brandon Quester, Stephanie Snyder, Dustin Volz, "How Safe Is Your Food?"
Second Place: Joshua Armstrong, Serena Del Mundo, Michel Duarte, Lauren Gilger, Carie Gladding, Joanne Ingram, 
Bastien Inzaurralde, Lindsay Lough, Tarryn Mento, 
Nick Newman, Nathan O’Neal, Whitney Phillips, 
Brandon Quester, Cristina Rayas, Lisa Ruhl, Stephanie Snyder, Dustin Volz, "Stateless in the Dominican Republic"

Online News Reporting
First Place: Cronkite News Service Staff: Ellie Cano, Kylee Gauna, 
Jessie McDonough, Lisa Ruhl, Colton Shone, 
Maycie Thornton, Channing Turner, Aldo Vazquez, 
Laura Yanez, Alyson Zepeda, "24 Hours at the Border Reveals Region That Defies Stereotypes"
Third Place: Selena Larson, Lindsay Hoffman, "Scars of War"

Online Opinion & Commentary
First Place: Vaughn Hillyard, 2011 Columns
Second Place: Brendan Capria, 2011 Columns

TV Breaking News Reporting
First Place: Lauren Titus, "Occupy Phoenix"

TV General News Reporting
First Place: Kylee Gauna, "American Border Patrol"
Second Place: Taryn Hale, "Bark Beetles"
Third Place: Gardenia Coleman, "Head Start Expands"

General News Reporting
Third Place: Shawn Raymundo, "Tattoo Parlor Case Draws First Amendment Debate"

TV In-Depth Reporting
First Place: Lisa Ruhl, "The Daily Journey"
Second Place: Dan Neligh, "A Line in the Sand: The Story of Two Volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico Border"
Third Place: Matthew Trotter, "Medicaid Cuts Put Rural Hospitals on Tougher Financial"

TV News Photography
First Place: Dan Neligh, "A Line in the Sand: The Story of Two Volunteers on the U.S.-Mexico Border"
Second Place: Taryn Hale, "Border Rancher"
Third Place: Gardenia Coleman, Gila River Shelter

TV Sports Photography
First Place: Brandon Kamerman, "Volleyball Smarties"
Third Place: Isaac Easley, "The New Battlefield"

TV Sports Reporting
First Place: Lisa Blanco, Isaac Easley, "Kenny Mitchell"
Second Place: Jason Lewis, "ASU Lacrosse"
Third Place: Mallory Kydd, "Jim Brock"

Best Student Magazine
Second Place: Colin Lecher, Jessica Testa, State Press Magazine

Editorial Cartooning
Second Place: Chelsea Rash

General News Photography
Second Place: Michel Duarte

Online Sports Reporting
Second Place: Andrew Gruman, "Men’s Hoops Tops OSU on Emotional Senior Day"
Third Place: Domenico Nicosia, "Roller Derby Teams Skate, Collide Toward Championship"

Radio Feature Reporting
Second Place: Nick Gnat, "Johnny D"

Sports Photography
Second Place: Beth Easterbrook, "Football Steamrolls UC Davis"

TV Feature Photography
Second Place: Dan Neligh, "Symphony Conductor"
Third Place: Nathan O’Neal, "Underground Hotel"

TV Feature Reporting
Second Place: Krystal Klei, "Female Boxing Promoter"
Third Place: Dan Neligh, "Symphony Conductor"

TV Breaking News Reporting
Third Place: Ryan Haarer, "Occupy Light Rail"

Society of Professional Journalists Valley of the Sun Chapter

First Amendment Award
Heather Billings, Tia Castañeda, Lauren Gambino, "Special Report: Emergency-action Plans Lacking for Some Arizona Dams"
First Amendment Award
Elvina Nawaguna-Clemente, "Deteriorated Properties Prompt Battles Between Struggling Towns, Professor"