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2010 Student Awards (For work produced in calendar year 2009)

Associated Press Mark Twain Award
Best Use of Sound: Colton Shone, "Scream Farm"

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Best of the Web Awards
Team Innovation
First (tie): “Streets of Dreams”
First (tie): “Latino America”

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Student International News Story Contest
Second: Derek Quizon, “Unholy Union”
Third: Sarah Whitmire, “Rocking the Foundation”

Broadcast Education Association Awards
Best of Festival
Cronkite NewsWatch

Faculty Documentary, Short-form
Award of Excellence: Jim Jacoby and Melanie Alvarez, "Brian Williams Tribute"

Faculty Interactive Multimedia, Educational
Award of Excellence: Leslie-Jean Thornton, "Multimedia Journalism"

Radio Hard News Reporting
First: Jill Galus, "Tour Bus Crash"
Honorable Mention: Colton Shone, "Broken Dreams on Burgess Lane"

Radio Sports Reporting
Second: Joe Cox, "Desert Diamonds of Spring"
Third: Elena Difiore, "NFC Championship Game"
Honorable Mention: Jill Galus, "Cardinals Super Bowl"

Student Interactive Multimedia, Group Authorship
First: MCO 598 & JMC 470, "Bordering Change"

Television Anchoring
Third: Kristen Keogh

Television Feature Reporting
Third: Maxine Park, "Drive-Through Prayer Stand"
Honorable Mention: Amber Dixon, "Harmonica Therapy"
Honorable Mention: Brian McBride, "80 Year Old Bowler"

Television Hard News Reporting
First: Lindsey Reiser, "Repatriation Flights"
Second: Liz McKernan, "Right to Light"
Third: Toby Phillips, "National Socialist Movement March"
Honorable Mention: Rafael Carranza, "Swine Flu in Border Schools"
Honorable Mention: Brian McBride, "Horse Tripping"
Honorable Mention: Tara Prindiville, "Crime on Public Transportation"
Honorable Mention: Jeff Skrzypek, "Rocky Point Economy"

Television Sports Reporting
First: Cameron Gidari, "Golfer Artist"
Second: Mike Pelton, "Grand Canyon University Basketball"
Honorable Mention: Kristen Keogh, "Senator Jordan"

Hearst Journalism Awards
Radio Multimedia
First: John LaBarbera, “Light Rail One Year Later: Pains, Trains and Automobiles”

TV News Reporting
First: Lindsey Reiser, “Repatriation Flights”; “Sheriff Joe Rally”
Honorable Mention: Heather Turner, “Luggage Theft”; “Sedona Flood”

Editorial Writing
First: Megan Ann Martin, “Whose Pants Are These?”
Third: Allison Gatlin, “Playing His Twisted Game”

Personality/Profile Writing
Fourth: Allison Gatlin

Feature Writing
Fifth: Kendall Wright, “Seeing Stars and Stripes”
Sixteenth: Daniel Newhauser, “Culture and Border Enforcement Collide”

Spot News
Sixth: Chelsea Smith, "Uncle Arrested After Girl, 5, Found Dead in Apartment"
16th Place: Michelle Price, "Probe Ordered in Captured-Jaguar Case"

In-Depth Writing
Eighth: Jonathan Cooper

Photojournalism News and Sports
Honorable Mention: Matt Pavelek

TV Feature Reporting
Third: Toby Phillips, “Unlikely Survivor”; “Heritage Hats”
Twentieth: Kristen Keogh, “Senator Jordan”; “MASH Unit”

Radio Feature Reporting
Eighth: Liz Lastra, “Guitar Making School”; “Female Chain Gangs”
Eleventh: Kim Foley, “Train Tracks”; “Packages From Home”

Radio Multimedia
Tenth: Liz Lastra, “Dinner In a Dumpster”

Multimedia Reporting
14th place: Channing Turner, “Undocumented Students and the Dream Act”

Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards
College Print Winner: David Kempa, “Crossing Lines”

Knight Foundation News Challenge
Aleksandra Chojnacka, Adam Klawonn, “The Daily Phoenix”

Online Journalism Awards
Finalist: Student Journalism, Large Team, “South Africa, at the Crossroads of Hate and Hope”

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards
Student Production
Winner: Carolyn Carver, Amber Dixon, Emily Graham and Jen Wahl, “South Africa: At The Crossroads of Hate and Hope”
Winner: Michael Pelton and Josh Zuber, “Cronkite NewsWatch”
Nominee: Michelle Algazi and Esther Blue, “Staring Shadows”
Nominee: Laura Kennedy, Erica Nwosu and Andre Barker,
“Click For a Soul Mate”

Nominee: Chris Parkinson and Jillian Sloan, “The Torn Identity”

Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition
Natalie Podgorski

Society of News Design
Quarterly Winner (October-December 2009)"Latinos in the Military"

Society of Professional Journalists—National Mark of Excellence

National Winners and First in Region
TV Breaking News Reporting
Toby Phillips, “NSM March in Arizona”

TV Feature Photography

Liz McKernan, “Uganda Medical Mission”

National Finalists and First in Region
Best Affiliated Website

Staff, The State Press, statepress.com

In-Depth Reporting

Derek Quizon
, “Dream Deferred”

Online In-Depth Reporting

Melanie Kiser, Carleen McGillick and Jeremy Rudy, “Photo Enforcement”

TV Feature Reporting

Liz McKernan, “Uganda Medical Mission”

TV In-Depth Reporting

Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch
, “Cronkite News Tracks H1N1”

TV News Photography

Amber Dixon, “Ocean Smuggling”

TV Sports Photography

Mike Pelton, “GCU Basketball”

Society of Professional Journalists—Region 11 Mark of Excellence

Non-Fiction Magazine Article
Celeste Sepessy, “A Commander’s Challenge”

Television Sports Reporting
Nick Landauer, “Manzanita Closes”

Online News Reporting
Jonathan J. Cooper, “Border’s Virtual Fence: Over-budget and Under-performing”

Television General News Reporting
Christie Post, “Indigent Burial”

Best All-Around Television Newscast
Cronkite NewsWatch Staff, Cronkite NewsWatch 2009

Sports Writing
Andrew Pentis, “A Labor of Love”

Editorial Writing
The State Press Editorial Board, “Backward Bound,” “All Broken Up” and “Much Ado about Nothing”

Television Sports Photography
Maxine Park, “Night Golf”

Best Independent Online Student Publication
Advanced Online Media Class, “CronkiteZine”

Radio In-Depth Reporting
Colton Shone, “Broken Dreams on Burgess Lane”

Television Feature
Toby Phillips, “Heritage Hats”

Online News Reporting
Stephanie Riel, “Living on the Line: Border Fence is Boon to Some, Bother to Others”

Television News Photography
David Gonzalez, “Lightrail Platform Safety”

Television General News Reporting
Brian McBride, “Horse Tripping”

Television Breaking News Reporting
Desiree Dietiker, “Light Rail Crash”

General News Photography
Deanna Dent, “Border Patrol”

Feature Writing
Tessa Muggeridge, “The World Down Under”

In-Depth Reporting
W.J. Hennigan, “Special Report on Mexican Economy”

General News Reporting
Melanie Kiser, “Legislator: Abuse Still Rampant in Arizona’s Polygamist Communities”

Online In-Depth Reporting
Jeremy Pennycook and Elizabeth Shell, “Building Success”

Online Feature Reporting
Jonathan J. Cooper, Corey Schubert, Tessa Muggeridge and Megan L. Thomas, “Pulse of a Corner”

Radio Feature
Colton Shone, “Growing Your Own Garden”

Radio Sports Reporting
Jill Galus, “Cardinals Super Bowl”

Television Feature
Brian McBride, “80-year-old Bowler”

Television Sports Reporting
Maxine Park, “Night Golf”

Television News Photography
Kenneth Wong, “Agua Linda Checkpoints”

Television General News Reporting
Amber Dixon, “Ocean Smuggling”

Television Breaking News Reporting
Rafael Carranza, “Swine School”

General News Reporting
James Kindle, “Danger Along Border Threatens Research on Endangered Species”

Sports Photography
Matt Pavelek, “ASU Throttles ULM, 38-14”

Online In-Depth Reporting
2009 Cronkite Boot Camp, “Streets of Dreams”

Online Sports Reporting
Andrew Pentis, “Examining Football’s Two-Way Risk”

Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
The State Press Staff, The State Press

Telly Awards
Bronze: Thomas Miller, Taryn Brady, Will Posthumus and Emily Wilson, “Healing Reins”

Zenith Awards
Best Campaign: Erika Simington, Kelley Moore, Jennifer Dottavio, Adrianna Bigard and Alyssa Aalmo, “The Phoenix Zoo Komodo Dragon Campaign”

Best PR Writing: Amy Fleishans, "Students Get More than Caffeine from Starbucks"

Best PR Publication: Devin Creer, “Give $1, Give Life”

“Light Rail One Year Later: Pains, Trains and Automobiles”
“Light Rail One Year Later: Pains, Trains and Automobiles”
John LaBarbera
“MASH Unit”
“MASH Unit”
Kristen Keogh
“Sheriff Joe Rally”
“Sheriff Joe Rally”
Lindsey Reiser
“Repatriation Flights”
“Repatriation Flights”
Lindsey Reiser
“National Socialists Movement March”
“National Socialists Movement March”
Toby Phillips
“Grand Canyon University Basketball”
“Grand Canyon University Basketball”
Mike Pelton
“Bordering Change”
“Bordering Change”
MCO 598 & JMC 470