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2008 Student Awards (For work produced in calendar year 2007)

Hearst Journalism Awards
In-Depth Reporting
Second: James Kindle

Seventh: Annalyn Censky

Feature Writing
Eighth: Celeste Sepessy

Television News Reporting
Fourth: Bonnie Bolt
Fifth: Michelle Ashworth

Radio News Reporting
11th: Dana Granillo
14th: Sam Eshelman

Radio Feature Reporting
14th: Sam Gavin

Photojournalism, Picture Story Series
11th: Deanna Dent

Photojournalism, News & Sports
17th: Deanna Dent

NASA Means Business Competition
First: Public Relations Campaign Class

Society of Professional Journalists—National Mark of Excellence Awards

General News Reporting
Ryan Kost, “State Tries to Treat Hospital Violence”

Radio Feature
Carolyn Carver, “Girl Scout Prison Program”

Television Breaking News Reporting
Erika Taillole, “Memorial Union Fire”

Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication
JMC 494 Advanced Online Media, “CronkiteZine: Spring and Fall 2007”

Society of Professional Journalists—Region 11 Mark of Excellence Awards

Television In-Depth Reporting
Cronkite NewsWatch, “MU Fire Coverage”

Television News Photography
Nikki Rowley, “Phoenix Graffiti”

Television Newscast
Cronkite NewsWatch Staff, “Cronkite NewsWatch”

Broadcast Education Association
Best of Festival
Elias Johnson, TV Reporter, “Bayou Rebirth” and “Chandler Rapist”

Student Newscast
Second: Cronkite NewsWatch Staff, “Cronkite NewsWatch”

Television Hard News Reporting
First: Elias Johnson, “Chandler Rapist”
Third: Erika Taillole, “Fatty Breakfast”

Television Sports Reporting
First: Jason Snavely, “Sundogs Hockey”
Second: Evan Doherty, “Practice Squads”

Television Sports Anchor
Second: Evan Doherty

Radio Hard News Reporting
Third: Martha Castaneda, “Pit Bull Attack”

Interactive Media
First: Lorelei Cretu, “Gila River Indian Community”
Second: Tiffany Tcheng, “The Business of Death”
Second: Lorelei Cretu, “Arizona State Fair”
Honorable Mention: Ashley Biggers, “The Business of Immigration"

Short Documentary, Short Form
Best of Festival: Ray Gonzalez, “Lessons in Loyalty”

Student Magazine Contest
Consumer Magazine Article—Places
Second: Keridwen Cornelius, “48 Hours: Phoenix”

Consumer Magazine Article—Investigation and Analysis
Second: “Playing with Fire” by Brian Indrelunas

Consumer Magazine Article—Investigation and Analysis
Honorable Mention: Joshua Schoonover, “Healthcare Without Borders” (PDF)

Consumer Magazine Article—Features
Second: “The Story of Los Niños Mejia” by Ryan Kost
Honorable Mention: Keridwen Cornelius, “Healing the Battle-Scarred Brain”

Consumer Magazine Article—First Person
Honorable Mention: Keridwen Cornelius, “Eating With Your Hands”

Specialized Business Press Article
First: Annalyn R. Censky, “Ostrich – The Other ‘Green Meat?’”
Third: Jonathan Cooper, “Veterinarian Shortage”

48 Hours: Phoenix
“48 Hours: Phoenix”
Story by Keridwen Cornelius
Photo by Aldei Gregoire
Healing the Battle-Scarred Brain
“Healing the Battle-Scarred Brain”
Story by Keridwen Cornelius
Photo courtesy Robert Bartlett