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Students in the Science Television Magazine professional program produce the Arizona PBS program “Catalyst.” The 30-minute magazine program features science research at Arizona State University and is hosted by Cronkite professor and Arizona PBS anchor Vanessa Ruiz.

As the largest public university in the country, ASU has a wealth of cutting-edge scientific research to explore. The university’s scientists conduct research and experiments all over the world, from Antarctica to Mexico and from Tucson to Pasadena. Student storytellers in the Science Television Magazine program have the opportunity to follow them, chronicle their work and help produce a high-quality science series that airs regularly on Arizona PBS, one of the largest public television stations in this country.

In this professional program, students build experience in producing video, with a focus on strong shooting, editing and non-narrative storytelling techniques. Unlike other professional programs that give students on-camera experience, this one is about off-camera production techniques that are suited to many television and film career paths. Students also master long-form television storytelling, producing pieces that often run for several minutes.

Since its debut in 2018, “Catalyst” has won several regional and national awards. The professional program is led by executive producer Steve Filmer, who joined the Cronkite School after years as an on-camera correspondent and producer for programs such as ABC’s "Good Morning America," "World News Tonight" and many national cable shows. He is experienced in documentary production, including serving as supervising producer for the film "Birthright: A War Story." Filmer has won numerous Emmy Awards for his work in local news as well as magazine shows such as "Arizona Highways Television."


Undergraduates: JMC 305 or JMC 306, and JMC 301 or JMC 315, and JMC 345 or JMC 346 or JMC 448

Graduates: MCO 502 (MCO 548 preferred)


Steve Filmer

Steve Filmer

Executive Editor, Catalyst, professor of practice