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Cronkite Mentorship Program

The Cronkite Mentorship Program for freshmen is designed to quickly connect first-year students to media professionals.Through these initial contacts with talented and highly successful professionals, students will be exposed to the operations of a specific company, meet industry professionals and start to grow their network of contacts.

Molly Hudson

My mentorship experience was excellent; I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor at the beginning of my college and career journey. The interactions I've had with people throughout this experience have made it even more memorable. Jen is someone I admire as a professional resource and I hope to stay in contact with her for years to come!

—Molly Hudson (Jen Jones, senior content coordinator, 3TV/ CBS 5 News)

Irene Franco Rubio

Becky was always willing to provide me with advice and suggestions. In the beginning, I felt really unsure about my professional goals. She talked me through important decisions and listened when I needed to bounce ideas off someone. I'm hopeful that we can maintain this relationship because she has been an excellent support system.

—Irene Franco Rubio (Becky Bartkowski, features director, The Arizona Republic)

Emily Gardner

Catherine is an amazing person and it was wonderful getting to know her. She was extremely helpful and so down to Earth. This definitely was the best mentorship experience I've had so far.

—Emily Gardner (Catherine Hahne, corporate communications specialist, ON Semiconductor)


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