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Professional Programs Application, Spring 2018

Please read these instructions carefully before filling out the applications below. Students must meet the prerequisites for professional programs before they can be approved for registration.


Cronkite News – Phoenix, Washington, Los Angeles

Cronkite News is a multiplatform news organization with a variety of professional roles available to students.

ReportersReporters are placed in one of our content verticals: Borderlands, Consumer, Education, Future, Justice, Government, Money, Sustainability and Investigative. If you select Phoenix, you will be asked to rank your preference of beats. In Washington or Los Angeles, your beat will be determined later. We will attempt to accommodate your request, but we reserve the right to assign teams as needed.

Prerequisites:  JMC 301 or MCO 502 for digital reporters

                        JMC 330 or MCO 531 for broadcast reporters

                        Depth Reporting or a prior semester in Cronkite News for Investigative


Digital deskThe digital desk handles data visualization, web production and design, web video and photography, analytics and audience engagement. Students should indicate their goals in the Objective box on the application.

Prerequisites:   JMC 301 or JMC 330; MCO 502
Desired classes: JMC 460; MCO 307 and/or MCO 531


Newscast producingThis team is responsible for producing the nightly Cronkite News broadcast for Arizona PBS and the noon Facebook Live newscast.

Prerequisites: JMC 320 or MCO 521: News Producing.


Studio productionThis team is responsible for the direction of the nightly Cronkite News broadcast, including on-air graphics and videography.

Prerequisites – JMC 330


Cronkite Noticias

Broadcast reporters, digital reporters and producers cover and produce news in Spanish for broadcast and digital platforms. Students must be comfortable in written and spoken Spanish. There are a limited number of newscast producing roles in the bureau. 

Prerequisites: JMC 301 or MCO 502 for digital reporters
                     JMC 330 or MCO 531 for broadcast reporters


Cronkite News – Phoenix Sports

Broadcast and digital reporters cover a variety of professional and college sports in Arizona for regional and national media outlets. There are a limited number of sports show producing roles in the bureau.

Prerequisites: JMC 302 or MCO 502 for digital reporting
                       JMC 331 or MCO 531 for broadcast reporting
                       JMC 320 for sports show producing


Cronkite News – Los Angeles Sports

Broadcast reporters cover professional, college and Olympic sports in the nation’s second-largest media market.

Prerequisites: JMC 331 or MCO 531


Television Magazine

Students will produce a 13-week television magazine program for Arizona PBS focusing on science research at Arizona State University, using long-form DSLR video storytelling skills. This is an opportunity to field produce, report and develop videography, writing and graphic skills under the direction of Stephen Filmer, an on-camera correspondent and producer of such programs as ABC’s "Good Morning America" and "World News Tonight."

Prerequisites: JMC 315 or 301 and JMC 345 or Non-Narrative Video Storytelling; MCO 502 with a C or better.


New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

Students work with computer engineering, design and business students to create cutting-edge digital media products for regional and national media companies and other organizations.

Prerequisites: JMC 305 and JMC 301 or 315


Public Relations Lab

Students work with clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to startups and nonprofits to create strategic communications plans and campaigns.

Prerequisites: JMC 417