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Learning never stops at the Cronkite School

The Cronkite School’s acclaimed “teaching hospital” model of education has been adapted to offer professionals hands-on instruction and real-world training under the guidance of top industry leaders.

CronkitePro allows professionals in media and communications to accelerate their careers and grow their skill sets. Through events and programs, you can gain new skills and stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Social media and digital expert Sree Sreenivasan is leading the CronkitePro initiative. Read the big news!

In today’s world, communication, storytelling and truth are more important than ever. CronkitePro builds on Walter Cronkite’s legacy as the “most trusted man in America” and provides lifelong learning and skills development for professionals across the globe.

A new kind of professional development

These programs are designed for media and communications professionals at all levels. We work with partners to create meaningful training opportunities.

New session

Immersive Journalism: News & Documentary for the 21st Century
Friday, February 20, 2023 – ASU California Center

Custom programs

Specific programs for companies or organizations. These will be customized, based on your needs and can be held anywhere in the world.

Hands-on training

In-person training programs and symposiums held at our campuses in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Washington D.C.

Learn from anywhere

Online programs, using Arizona State University’s cutting-edge technology and effective approach.

Meet Sree Sreenivasan

executive director of CronkitePro

An accomplished digital media expert, Sree Sreenivasan has trained journalists, entrepreneurs, companies, nonprofit organizations and executives around the world. Until June, he is serving as the inaugural Marshall R. Loeb Visiting Professor of Digital Innovation and Audience Engagement at Stony Brook University, named for the influential editor of Fortune and Money magazines.

He is CEO and co-founder of Digimentors, a digital and virtual-events consulting company. During the pandemic, he has hosted multiple shows, interviewing more than 600 experts, physicians, nurses, scientists to combat misinformation and provide accurate information about the global crisis.

He has served as chief digital officer of three major institutions: Columbia University; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and the City of New York. He was named the world’s most influential CDO in 2014 by CDO Club.

Why participate in CronkitePro?

We are results-driven. We want you to learn skills and strategies that you can use tomorrow and for years to come. We have an esteemed faculty that will challenge you to be the best you can be.

CronkitePro will build on the success of our legacy of professional programs. What past participants have said:

I have found myself consistently reaching into the toolkit (that the training) has equipped me with, as the challenges of leading an organization have gotten mind-bogglingly complex.

Participant in training for public media newsroom leaders

I found the sessions with Cronkite’s excellent journalism professors to be particularly valuable. As a mid-career reporter, it was helpful to receive advice from these professors that I can apply to my everyday work.

Participant in training for health care reporters

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you all for your help to produce a great session. I thought the presentation was pointed and relevant and the discussion was very helpful.

Participant in The New York Times training for how to more appropriately cover people with disabilities

Learn from the experts

Here are just some of Cronkite’s esteemed faculty.

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