Cronkite Study Abroad

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Cronkite Study Abroad programs enable students to experience other cultures, learn about global media practices and report on international issues while earning academic credit. Cronkite students have covered the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro and traveled across Europe, Asia and South America, visiting global media companies and cultural landmarks with Cronkite faculty members.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Cronkite study abroad programs for Summer 2021 have been canceled. Please visit this page in the future to learn about study abroad opportunities in 2022.

Past Study Abroad Experiences

Japan (2019): Students were immersed in all facets of Japanese culture by examining engagement through a different lens. Students were embedded in different environments to learn how specific organizations use social media to engage audiences.

Spain (2019): Students were introduced to photojournalism in Spain, a country renowned for its natural beauty and rich heritage. They learned the basics of DSLR photography and shooting in manual mode.

Scotland (2018): This immersive, experiential program allowed students to use the journalism skills they've developed in a real-world setting through production, video and photojournalism while exploring the role of golf in Scottish culture.

Ireland (2017): Students learned the fundamentals of photojournalism and video storytelling using DSLR cameras and iPhones in Ireland. The experience included cultural visits to sites of interest in and around Dublin.

United Kingdom (2017): Students traveled to London to examine the dynamics of Europe following the Brexit vote. The experience also included a look at journalism practices and media culture in England in comparison to the United States.

Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy (2016): Students traveled to Berlin, London and Milan, visiting global newsrooms, public relations agencies and other media outlets while getting a taste of what it’s like to be a foreign correspondent.

Jordan, Turkey and Israel (2016): Students examined the role of social media and its impact in the Middle East as well as social justice in Amman, Istanbul and Jerusalem while visiting media companies and historical landmarks. 

Brazil (2016): Students covered the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro for Cronkite News and professional media outlets under the guidance of Cronkite faculty members. The experience offers unparalleled experiences to be a part of the world’s largest sporting event. 

The United Kingdom, Germany and Italy (2015): Students with faculty toured London, Berlin and Milan, visiting global media companies, including CNN’s London bureau and Milan headquarters of the world’s largest public relations agency, Edelman.

The United Kingdom, France and Italy (2014): Students with faculty spent three weeks in London, Paris and Milan, interviewing journalists and visiting major media organizations such as CNN and the BBC in London, Bloomberg in Paris and Edelman public relations in Milan.

Brazil (2013): Students traveled between Brazil’s two largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, to experience culture and learn how to report on international issues. Students with faculty visited news organizations and global companies, reporting on issues such as deep water oil drilling and the impact of soccer.

The United Kingdom (2012): Students went to London to cover the Summer Olympic Games, reporting on the athletes, events, fan experience and more. Students under the guidance of Cronkite faculty produced broadcast, digital and print packages for media outlets across Arizona.

China (2012): Students set out in Beijing and Shanghai to determine what constitutes the "Chinese Dream" and what difficulties they encountered in achieving it. Students produced in-depth reports under the supervision of faculty, interviewing a diverse array of sources.

The United Kingdom, France and Spain (2012): Students examined the differences in social media in London, Paris and Barcelona, visiting global media companies such as CNN and producing multimedia stories on cultural landmarks, sports and the arts. 

The United Kingdom, France and Italy (2011): Students toured London, Paris and Rome, examining the rise of social media and its impact on international news. Students and faculty met with professional journalists and media officials while visiting cultural landmarks.