Cronkite in the News

The Cronkite School is frequently featured in the news for its work at the forefront of journalism education.

Below is a selection of recent press coverage that focuses on the school, its faculty and its students' work:

Scott Pelley

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"The Cronkite School is training the young people who will defend our nation and will preserve the hope for freedom in the world." — Scott Pelley, managing editor and anchor, "CBS Evening News"

Visiting International Journalism Scholars

Periodically, distinguished international journalism scholars visit the Cronkite School.

Dr. Laura Irimies, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania completed a 4-month Fulbright scholar program

Mr. Benoît Delhauteur, Editor-in-chief, La Dernière Heure Les Sports, IPM Group, Brussels, Belgium

Jobs at Cronkite

The Cronkite School is not hiring at this time.

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Cronkite students participate in more than 500 internships across the country every year.