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Student Testimonials for Cronkite Mentorship Program

“Paul Coro is an excellent mentor. While he can get pretty busy writing about the Suns for The Arizona Republic, he has still taken time out of his life to answer emails and give me tips on how to become a better journalist. When we met Paul gave me a tour of The Republic and it was something I’ll never forget. Being in that building just felt right and I really appreciate Paul taking me in there and showing me around.




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Cronkite Mentorship Program

The Cronkite Mentorship Program for freshmen is designed to quickly connect first-year students to media professionals.Through these initial contacts with talented and highly successful professionals, students will be exposed to the operations of a specific company, meet industry professionals and start to grow their network of contacts.

Sada J. Reed, Assistant Professor

Office: Room 380
Phone: 602.496.5263

Curriculum Vitae

Sports Reporting, JMC 302

Cronkite Global Initiatives


Cronkite Global Initiatives fosters meaningful connections among Cronkite students, staff and faculty and international media professionals, scholars and citizens. Cronkite Global Initiatives fulfills its mission by building bridges of understanding, mutual respect and shared global engagement experiences.


High School Outreach Programs

The Cronkite School has cancelled summer high school camps summer due to the Covid-19 virus.

Students who already have submitted their applications to the three Cronkite Camp programs — Summer Journalism Institute, High School Media Innovation Camp and the Cronkite Sports Broadcast Boot Camp — will be given first review for program opportunities in 2021.

Questions may be directed to Anita Luera, director of high school outreach programs, at

McCormick SRI: Going Deep with Census Demographic and Economic Data

The U.S. Bureau of the Census is the nation’s premier data-gathering and dissemination agency. The bureau, along with sister data agencies such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, collects and analyzes data on a wide range of demographic and economic topics. These include everything from the decennial census to tabulations and surveys covering employment, wages, government finances, housing, foreign trade, criminal justice and much more. But few reporters know about this cornucopia of information and how it can be used for stories.

Dan Gillmor, Professor of Practice

Office: Room 362
Phone: 602.496.7293

Courses: Digital Media Literacy I and II

Curriculum Vitae

Cronkite New Home to State Department Program for Foreign Journalists

May 27, 2010


The Cronkite School will be home to visiting journalists from around the globe under a new $1 million grant from the State Department.

The five-year grant will bring nine to 15 mid-career journalists and professional communicators from developing countries to the Cronkite School each year for 10 months as part of the prestigious Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program.