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Cronkite Students Win Big at 2019 BEA Festival of Media Arts

February 19, 2019
BEAAshley Hopko and Justin Parham shoot video for the Carnegie-Knight News21 investigation into hate crimes. For his work on the project, Parham won first place in the long form video/film documentary category in the BEA Festival of Media Arts.

Arizona State University students once again won the most news awards in the Broadcast Education Association’s annual Festival of Media Arts national competition.

Students from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication took home 23 awards in the news, documentary, sports and video categories. This year is the ninth time in 10 years that the Cronkite School has finished with the most news division awards.

In all, Cronkite students have won 170 awards at the Festival of Media Arts in the past decade.

“It’s a tremendous achievement for our students to be recognized by one of the country’s top collegiate journalism competitions,” Associate Dean Mark Lodato said. “Under the guidance of our faculty, these talented students uncovered important stories and delivered them in a creative and compelling way.”

Additionally, the Cronkite School won a Best of Festival King Foundation Award, the competition’s highest honor, for the sports category.

Troy Lynch won Best of Festival for his Cronkite Sports Report package, “Turning Tragedy to Triumph,” an emotional report about Eric Young Jr., a Los Angeles Angels baseball player whose son died shortly after being born.

Lynch is one of 18 students to receive the Best of Festival King Foundation Award. He will be honored at the 17th Annual BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Awards Ceremony on April 8 in Las Vegas during BEA’s annual convention.

Cronkite students Juliana Evans and Bailey Netsch, under the guidance of Professor of Practice Steve Filmer, won the Best of Competition in the mixed pedagogical category for a segment on “Catalyst,” the student-produced prime-time television magazine show that highlights ASU research. Evans and Netsch examined the science of the Saguaro cactus.

Justin Parham, a master’s student at the Cronkite School, won first place in the long form video or film documentary category for his part in the Carnegie-Knight News21 investigative project, “Hate in America,” which took an in-depth look at the growing climate of hate across the country.

Parham was among 38 journalism students who were chosen to participate in Carnegie-Knight News21, a national multimedia reporting program headquartered at the Cronkite School.

Students also won first-place honors in the long-form video or film documentary, television feature, television weathercast, television sports story/feature and TV sports news program categories. They also won one second-place and four third-place honors.

Lillian Donahue was recognized with first place in the television feature category for her story on Arizona Korean War veterans and took second-place for a report on the Havasupai Tribe urging the government to halt uranium mining near their homes within the Grand Canyon.

“Both stories have an important place in my heart,” Donahue said. “Both are the reason I am a journalist. It was a year ago that I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon talking to members of the Havasupai tribe. The story shed light on a group of people who are terrified of the uranium mining polluting their water source. There’s no other school that could have given me that experience.”

The international digital media and broadcast competition received 1,500 annual entries representing over 300 colleges and universities from around the world.

Established in 1955, the BEA is a global professional association for professors, industry professionals and graduate students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises.

The complete list of Cronkite winners include:


Best of Festival King Foundation Award - Student Sports

Best of Competition: Troy Lynch, “Turning Tragedy to Triumph”

Mixed Pedagogical (Teacher/Student Co-Production)

Best of Competition: Steve Filmer, Bailey Netsch & Juliana Evans, “Science of the Saguaro Cactus”

Television Feature

First: Lillian Donahue, “Honor Flight,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Matt Lively, “Operation Restoring Hope,” Cronkite News

Television Weathercaster

First: Jordan Evans, “Weathercast Reel,” Cronkite News

Third: Lauren Schieler, “Weathercast Reel,” Cronkite News

Long Form Video or Film Documentary

First: Justin Parham, “American Hate,” Carnegie-Knight News21

TV Sports News Program

First: Terra Pinckley, Hailey Hole, Chaz Frazier and Tyler Paley, “Cronkite Sports Report – Season 10, Episode 6,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange and Blaine McCormick, “The House – Episode 8,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Noah Lau, “The House – Episode 11,” Cronkite News

Short Form Video or Film Documentary

Award of Excellence: Jasmine Spearing-Bowen, “Myeloma Rabbit Virus,” Catalyst 

Television Hard News

Second: Lillian Donahue, “Supai Village Residents Fearful for Their Future,” Cronkite News

Television News Anchor

Third: Bryce Newberry, “Anchor Reel,” Cronkite News

Television Newscast

Third: Hayley Brand, Kevyn Gessner and Acuzena Martinez, “March for Our Lives,” Cronkite News https://youtu.be/9ddA3cvg-iE 

Radio/TV Sports Event: Play-by-Play Talent

Third: Blaine McCormick, “Play-by-Play Arizona State vs. Colorado Football,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Blaine McCormick, “Play-by-Play Arizona State vs. Colorado Football,” Cronkite News

Television Sports Story/Feature

First: Brooke Coltelli, “Coach Kibler,” Cronkite News 

Award of Excellence: Jake Trybulski and Drake Dunaway, “Rez Golf,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Anthony Totri, “ACL Brothers,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Bailey O’Carroll, “ASU Groundskeeper,” Cronkite News

Award of Excellence: Chancellor Johnson, “Basketball Virtuoso,” Cronkite News

Television Sports Talent (Anchor/Host)

Award of Excellence: Blaine McCormick, “Fall 2018 Sports Talent Reel”

Award of Excellence: Scotty Gange, “Anchor Reel”