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Cronkite School to Launch Leadership Development Program

November 29, 2012

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University will launch a leadership development program for high-performing freshmen in fall 2013.

The Cronkite Leadership Academy will be open to New American University President’s, Provost’s and Dean’s scholarship recipients who are first-time freshmen enrolled in the Cronkite School. Arizona State University automatically considers all first-time freshmen applicants for these merit scholarships.

Cronkite Leadership Academy participants will benefit from a variety of special opportunities designed to build their leadership skills, engage them in the community and enhance their ASU experience, including:

• Participation in leadership development seminars led by Cronkite faculty on topics such as entrepreneurship, global issues and more.
• Participation in large-scale service-learning projects led by Mary Cook, Cronkite director of student success.
• Enrollment in a special section of JMC 110: History and Principles of Journalism, the first of the Cronkite School’s four required values courses.
• Enrollment in a special section of ASU 101: The ASU Experience, a one-credit course required for all ASU freshmen.

All Cronkite first-time freshmen who are admitted to Barrett, The Honors College, also will be eligible to participate in the Cronkite Leadership Academy.

"With full-immersion professional programs, first-rate faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and proximity to more professional media outlets than any other journalism school in the country, the Cronkite School attracts the best and brightest," said Cronkite Dean Christopher Callahan. "The Cronkite Leadership Academy provides an excellent opportunity for these talented young leaders and aspiring journalists to advance their leadership skills and enrich their ASU experience."

To learn more about the Cronkite School or find information on how to apply, go to http://cronkite.asu.edu/experience. If you’d like to talk further to someone about the Cronkite Leadership Academy, the Cronkite School or Barrett, The Honors College, email Liz Smith, elizabeth.grace.smith@asu.edu.