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Bill Silcock Wins AEJMC’s Burkum Service Award for Dedication to Education

August 12, 2019
Bill Silcock

B. William Silcock, assistant dean of Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is the 2019 recipient of the Larry Burkum Service Award, a prestigious honor presented by the Electronic News Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Silcock was selected for the award by four judges; each a former Burkum winner and/or division head within AEJMC.

With Silcock’s 30 years of academic experience, he stands out for his dedication to service and education. He has served as head of AEJMC’s Electronic News Division and the Broadcast Education Association’s News Division.

At the Cronkite School, Silcock heads Cronkite Global Initiatives, overseeing programs that foster connections between Cronkite students, faculty and staff and international media professionals and scholars.

“His leadership style attracts people to service and points the path of success,” said Mary T. Rogus, associate professor at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. “His multiple leadership roles in both BEA and AEJMC have made an incalculable contribution to electronic journalism education. All you have to do is look at Bill’s CV to see he’s been called upon and answered the call multiple times.”

In his career, Silcock has mentored and taught 80 mid-career professionals. He has published two co-authored textbooks and 25 refereed journals. He has also led more than 24 international seminars and redesigned the Master’s and Ph.D. programs for the Cronkite School.

“There are two wonderful things about winning a service award,” Silcock said. “First you begin to believe in yourself again – somebody really likes me. But far more important than the ego gratification is that you can become a role model for our students. Isn’t that why we are here?”

He also acknowledged that his work would not be possible without the effort and friendship of a host of fellow faculty, staff members and inspiring students.

The Larry Burkum Service Award was presented at the AEJMC convention in Toronto in August 2019.

Many Cronkite faculty, staff and students attended and presented at the conference, including four current Cronkite Ph.D. students and four former doctoral students.

Cronkite faculty, alumni and students speaking the AEJMC Toronto convention include:

  • “Students in Investigative Reporting”
    Sarah Cohen, Knight Chair in Data Journalism
    Walter Robinson, Edith Kinney Gaylord Visiting Professor in Investigative Journalism
  • “Walking Tall and Carrying Words: A History of Violence against Media”
    Sharon Bramlett-Solomon, Associate Professor
  • “Understanding the Information Processing of Advertisements”
    Ali Hussain, assistant professor
  • “High Density Papers for Graduate Student Interest Group”
    Ahmad Aishehab, Ph.D. student
  • “Connecting the Dots: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Visual Communication”
    Leslie-Jean Thornton, associate professor
  • “Participatory Journalism Outstanding Dissertation Award: Presentation and Advice for Grad Students”
    Jacob Nelson, assistant professor
  • “Understanding Trust in Local vs. National News “
    Monica Chadha, assistant professor
    Leslie-Jean Thornton, associate professor
  • “The Future of Sports Magazines: Old Guard, New Niches”
    Paola Boivin, professor of practice
    Sada J. Reed, assistant professor
  • “Innovation and Television News”
    Andrew Heyward, senior research professor for TV News
    Vanessa Ruiz, director, Cronkite News - Borderlands
    Frank Mungeam, Knight Professor of Practice, TV News Innovation
  • “Global Exchange: Assimilation of Isolation”
    Bill Silcock, assistant dean for research and international programs, and director of Cronkite Global Initiatives
  • “Fake News and Media Credibility: Today’s Challenges”
    Moderator: Jacob Nelson, assistant professor
  • Presenter: Leslie-Jean Thornton, associate professor
  • “The Future of Journalism Education: How Do You Teach for a Profession Changing in Real Time?”
    Christopher Callahan, dean and university vice provost
  • “I’ve Finished My Dissertation. Now What?”
    Marianne Barrett, Louise Solheim Professor
    Monica Chadha, assistant professor
  • “Women in Leadership”
    Kristin Gilger, Senior Associate Dean and Reynolds Professor in Business Journalism
    Julia Wallace, Frank Russell Chair in the Business of Journalism
  • “Visual Communication Division Top Papers Session”
    Leslie-Jean Thornton, associate professor
  • “Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Research”
    Monica Chadha, assistant professor
  • Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Research
    Hazel Kwon, associate professor
    Chun Shao, Ph.D. student
  • “Threats to Expression: Compelled Speech, Forum Pressures, and Tribalism”
    Joe Russomanno, professor
  • “Local TV and Social Media: Engaging, Entertaining, and Impacting”|
    Monica Chadha, assistant professor
    Hazel Kwon, associate professor
    Jiun-Yi Tsai, Ph.D. in Mass Communications
  • “Teaching Engagement: Wait… What is Engagement?”
    Jessica Pucci, assistant dean and director of digital audience programs
  • “Does Newspaper Presence in Household Affect Subscribers and Non-Subscribers Perceptions of Their Buying Behavior? A Mixed-Method Study”
    Monica Chadha, assistant professor
    Jesse Lecy, professor of data studies and non-profit studies at the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
  • “Are You Reporting the Facts? Analyses of the Evolution of Journalistic Practices in ‘Post-Truth’ Era”
    Jacob Nelson, assistant professor
  • “How the U.S. Looks to the World in the Age of Trump”
    Bill Silcock, assistant dean for research and international programs and director of Cronkite Global Initiatives
  • “What Does Journalistic Objectivity in Sports Look Like for Marginalized Groups”
    Sada J. Reed, assistant professor
  • “Social Media, Online Behavior and Fake News”
    Hazel Kwon, associate professor
  • “GSIG Top Papers”
    Kirstin Pellizzaro, Cronkite Ph.D. alumna and assistant professor at the University of South Carolina
  • “Media Content and Platform Consumption: Television, Movies, OTT, and Smartphones”
    Marianne Barrett, Louise Solheim Professor