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Minor in Sustainability

ASU offers a minor in Sustainability. This specialization consists of 18 credits.

Required Courses (6 hours)

• SOS 100 – Introduction to Sustainability (3 credits)
• SOS 300 – Advanced Concepts and Integrated Approaches in Sustainability (3 credits)

Theme Courses (6 hours)

Students must choose two of the following four themes and take one course from each of the two themes selected.
• Earth Systems (classes such as Biology and Geology)
• Human Transformation of the Earth (classes such as “Sustainable Cities” and “Environmental Design”)
• Coupled Human-Environment Systems (classes on topics such as global warming and geologic disasters)
• Social, Political, and Economic Treatment of Natural Resources and Environment (classes like global health, global technology and microeconomics)

Electives (6 hours)
Students must choose two upper-division (300/400 level) electives. The electives should be sustainability-related courses that complement the student’s major and fulfill the values and purposes behind why the student wants to earn the minor.