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Road rage story gets new life

I wasn’t going to file today. The blogosphere, and the odd ways it works, demands I change my plans.

Last week I was terribly miffed about what I saw as a lack of coverage of a road rage murder and the subsequent decision to release the alleged shooter on a $46,000 bond. On Feb. 6 I wrote this critical piece. Since then I have blogged four times including a piece on a Cronkite school event this week that received a lot of page views courtesy of a link from Romenesko.

And yet today I’ve had a rash of page views on a nine day-old story largely courtesy of a site called Additionally, my original piece has garnered 10 fascinating comments, largely from friends of the shooting victim. It is obvious that some real pressure is being asserted in this case.

To its credit, filed a short piece yesterday reporting that the alleged shooter has been indicted and County Attorney Andrew Thomas  is asking for an increase in the 46,000 bond to $500,000. 

Here are my thoughts:

  • Thomas is obviously feeling some pressure from someplace and it could well be this azpeacemakers site.  These people are not happy campers. A quick read of that site will remind journalists of the grassroots power of the web. I am impressed.
  • The local media could do more.  The comments on my site indicate there is a powerful personal story to be reported here and the comments on the azpeacemakers site indicate this is a story that has real legs.
  • I still believe the story begs for a takeout, and it is clear to me from reading the peacemakers’ site that citizens want some judicial accountability in this case. Those citizens want to know who made this call and why.