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Lou Hodges, whimsy and all, made journalism better.

The best way I can think of to reignite my Media blog, after a long absence, is with a mighty tip of my panama to Lou Hodges, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Professor of Journalism Ethics Emeritus at Washington and Lee University. I knew Lou Hodges before he assumed that lofty chair […]

It’s time for a shift in focus

This McGuire on Media blog bores me a bit these days. There is simply no easy place to land when I try to come up with topics.  The newspaper business is unraveling more than it is unwinding. Harping on the short-sighted moves of a suffocating business just isn’t any fun. And the silly unethical maneuvers […]

Advice for an adjunct professor at Steve Buttry’s request

Steve Buttry extended an invitation to several former journalists who are now teaching university journalism classes to offer advice to a new adjunct professor. There’s already been a lot of good advice so I will try to go in a few different fresh directions and discuss respecting students, experimentation and appreciating learning styles. I also […]

A fond memory, a man who offered a hand up, and modern-day bullying

I wrote this piece for my hometown newspaper, The Mt Pleasant Morning Sun. It appeared Sunday, May 13. I reprint it here for my regular followers. Read this to understand the controversy to which I refer.   I have followed the recent controversy at my alma mater, Sacred Heart Academy, with keen interest. I have […]

The Schumpeterian moment in newspapers will require one litmus test—quality

I am back. This is my first blog post since Aug 31, 2011 when I posted a speech  I presented to the convention of the Society of Features Editors, Saturday, Aug. 27, in Tucson, Az. Later that night of the speech, close to midnight, my plane landed in Minneapolis. Within minutes I had fallen and […]

"Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch" is a must read for newspaper refugees and corporate survivors

Technorati Tags: Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch,Richard Hine,newspapers,satire,Cronkite School,books,newspaper books My first reaction to Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch would have been an outline that looked like this:. A Great first forty pages on the troubles plaguing newspapers B Angst C More angst D An abrupt literary climax E A denouement featuring social […]

My medical sojourn maddened me and strengthened me

This is not going to be a typical  blog post for me.  It just seems too odd to return to these posts without explaining why I haven’t posted since Sept.23 when I wrote about the Homer Hanky. I am a transparent person by nature. My wife has always said “Tim will tell his deepest, darkest […]

Remembering the Homer Hanky, the Twins and the Star Tribune

It was a simple little notice that the 2010 Homer Hanky has gone on sale now that the Minnesota Twins have clinched the American League Central Division title the other day. In a sobering week where several events (this one among them) have made me reflect on my mortality, the thought of the Homer Hanky […]

Newsonomics is the Business and Future of Journalism textbook I sought

When I started teaching the Business and Future of Journalism course at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in the fall of 2006 I was out there on an island without any decent textbooks. It was clear I was inventing the class without a net. There were classic newspaper management texts, and there were newspaper […]

Sarah Palin and the media need to chill out about Down syndrome

Some might argue this isn’t my standard media blog fare, but the media and Sarah Palin need to chill out. Media commentators should help Palin find reasonable ground on her Down Syndrome son. Palin is now firing shots at the Family Guy TV show for mocking her Down syndrome toddler Tryg. To set this up, […]