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Tim’s recent speehes

Speech to Society of Features Editors argued for a changed journalism mindset

This was presented to the convention of the Society of Features Editors, Saturday, Aug. 27, in Tucson, Az. I spoke to the predecessor of this organization in fall of 2001. It was a hard time. We were reeling from the events of Sept 11. The newspaper business was in what we thought were the pits. […]

Lessons American Journalists can learn from the Murdoch scandals

On Monday night I did this season’s first Must See Monday presentation at The Walter Cronkite School. I spoke on the lessons we can learn from Britain’s Murdoch scandals. There were 200-250 people present, largely Cronkite freshmen and first year grad students. The prepared text is below. Again I admit to occasional ad libs that […]

Message to high school J-students:Storytelling needs to survive the media tumult

The following speech will be delivered at 7 pm. Thursday, April 28, 2011  to teachers and award-winning students of the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association.    Congratulations to all the award winners and to their teachers. In some ways it’s a ludicrous for me to be speaking to you tonight. You students represent tomorrow. My career […]

Newspaper circulation leaders need to make their own sandwiches

Speech to Northwest International Circulation Executives Vancouver, WA. May 6, 2008 By Tim J. McGuire Frank Russell Chair for the Business of Journalism Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University ©Tim J. McGuire. May 2008 One of the things I like to do when I take a speaking gig like this […]

“Watching the big whales flounder, while the little newspaper fish thrive.”

“Watching the big whales flounder, while the little newspaper fish thrive.”  Speech to the Arizona Newspaper Association Delivered by Tim J. McGuire, Sept. 22, 2007  Coming up with titles for speeches 8 months ahead of time is very dangerous business. This one seemed clever and cutting edge when I came up with it, but it […]

Speech to American Association of Independent Newspaper Distributors

Speech to American Association of Independent Newspaper Distributors June 28, 2007 Presented by Tim J. McGuire ©Tim J. McGuire June, 2007 On March 18, 102 days ago, I wrote a column in the Arizona Republic arguing that the picture for newspapers was bleak, but I contended it was wrong to write the industry off as […]