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Jerry Kill’s story should inspire us to search for empathy in disability coverage

For days I have had another topic in mind for this blog post. It was a topic that would not have me fly so close to my former newspaper, The Minneapolis Star Tribune and to many employees I consider friends. Yet, as I have gone about some other tasks today I can’t get past the […]

‘Peanuts and Crackerjacks’ and other projects that make me “belong” at the Cronkite School

When I retired as editor of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis in 2002, many of my colleagues, pals and enemies were convinced I would desperately miss the fray.  Some opined I would not be able to live without being “in charge.” Others argued removing me from the excitement of the daily news helter skelter would […]

Journalistic transparency and humility in a multiple platform world

Paola Boivin is a good, veteran columnist for the Arizona Republic. She’s prolific, engaged with the community and she strikes me as a columnist who plays it straight. Saturday night Boivin covered a close, heart-breaking loss by the Arizona State Sun Devils to Stanford. Her column Sunday morning was tough. She beat up a bit […]

Remembering the Homer Hanky, the Twins and the Star Tribune

It was a simple little notice that the 2010 Homer Hanky has gone on sale now that the Minnesota Twins have clinched the American League Central Division title the other day. In a sobering week where several events (this one among them) have made me reflect on my mortality, the thought of the Homer Hanky […]

Some tidbits on threat, Don Ohlmeyer and Pat Forde

My old friend Phil Meyer called it right when he commented in this article about entering Chicago. Phil called it another “nail in newspapers’ coffin.”  ESPN’s spokesman, Paul Melvin took a much politer tack.  “As a company, we are fans of newspapers, and not believers they are going away. They face challenges that will […]

Some predictions for sports editors and sports sections

Comments to Associated Press Sports Editors convention Minneapolis, Mn. June 26, 2008. The comments were made as part of a panel discussion on “What sports sections will look like five years from now.” Sometimes the plight of other industries help us better understand our own situation. On Monday I gave a speech to the American […]

Davidson was a thrilling underdog

On the Tuesday night before the regional finals in the NCAA basketball tournament an ESPN radio talker named Jason Smith told his audience, with every indication he was dead serious, that upsets were bad for the NCAA tournament. His theory was that ratings go down when the big teams don’t play. Horsefeathers and other strong […]

Women, sports and media: A remarkable journey

I am completing my diversity section of my Sports and Media class. Women in sports was the final topic. I wanted to show the journey of women in sports so I used the hackneyed  four-scene approach. Scene 1, Ypsilanti Michigan 1973. I was the managing editor of the now-defunct Ypsilanti Press.  Carolyn King was an […]

Stark's blog on Clemens was stunning journalism

I am no expert on live blogging. I do think I recognize compelling journalism when I see it.  I saw it Wednesday. Jason Stark’s live blog on engaged me all day. I visited it seven or eight times (don’t tell the dean!) Certainly the subject matter demands attention for a lifelong baseball fan, but […]

Seattle Times series should have your attention

The Seattle Times completed a four-day series today called “Victory and Ruins” that demands the attention of sports journalists, legal observers, college football administrators and fans. The first-day overview seems to point an accusing finger at former Head Coach Rick Neuheisil, and you certainly are left shaking your head that UCLA recently hired Neuheisil to […]