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"Failure of Justice" in AZ Republic is a great investigative piece and that’s what makes me nervous

Dennis Wagner of The Arizona Republic wrote a tremendous investigative piece Sunday called “Failure of Justice.” It was hard-hitting, it graphically showed a stone-walling, cover-your-ass bureaucracy and it shone a light on a group of traditionally voiceless people. The piece carefully showed how law enforcement, native and government, seriously botched investigations of a serial rape […]

Disclosure needs to be THE First Amendment battleground for journalists

  The American Society of News Editors has had another busy week advocating for the First Amendment. It’s supported a decision in a Colorado Open Records case and it has urged member papers to write editorials advocating for a Federal Shield law. In these days of fading influence for everything mainstream media I am pleased […]

AZ journos coverage of 1070 could be ticket to heaven or hell!

My long-time friend, confidant and Minneapolis Star Tribune colleague, Kent Gardner, was always incredibly attuned to the responsibilities the journalistic craft created. Often when there was a big gnarly story with lots of complications, twists and screw-ups Kent would opine: “When we get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter is going to ask us if […]

Let’s not let Medill Innocence Project be another Hazelwood

I cannot remember anything about the day in 1988 that the Supreme Court issued its decision on Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier. I cannot remember if my newspaper made a very big deal out of it, but the decision embarrasses the heck out me 20 years later. The Supreme Court ruled in Hazelwood that high […]

Star Tribune teamsters, Michael Connelly and other rants

Tucson Citizen case should stop here

The judge in the Tucson Citizen case did exactly what I think he had to do when he rejected Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard’s request for a restraining order. AP Reporter Art Rotstein wrote: “Collins’ ruling denied the state a temporary restraining order, but the state is entitled to continue with its lawsuit alleging antitrust […]