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Reynolds Business journalism study displays optimism not found in anecdotal reports

Either the Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism found every optimistic journalist haunting newsrooms these days or the anecdotal reports of despair and teeth-gnashing in the nation’s newsrooms have been over-wrought. It has always been the journalist’s inalienable right to be angry, slighted and constantly in complaint mode. Since I left the newsroom in 2002 […]

Sarah Palin and the media need to chill out about Down syndrome

Some might argue this isn’t my standard media blog fare, but the media and Sarah Palin need to chill out. Media commentators should help Palin find reasonable ground on her Down Syndrome son. Palin is now firing shots at the Family Guy TV show for mocking her Down syndrome toddler Tryg. To set this up, […]

Chris Jones story on Roger Ebert should bring us back to the journalistic ramparts

For weeks I have had notes for a blog entry on why I am having increased concerns about newspapers and journalism. I’m going to save those notes because I had a transformational morning. that forced me to give a hard Ash Wednesday rethink to journalism and life.  Mid-morning I called my dearest friend, Gregory Favre. […]

Ethics students face a tough set of choices as they move forward

Journalism is marked by tough choices and a complicated set of responsibilities. There are few right and wrong answers, but there are responsible ways to think about those answers. When making ethical decisions we must get beyond “gut instinct” and use accepted decision-making processes and formulas. The media ethics landscape has been seriously complicated in […]

Effective public relations writing from the mind of a retired editor with a dose of "stickiness"

I have been serving on a non-profit board at the Franciscan Retreat Center (The Casa) in Scottsdale for over a year. Because of the appreciation for my background with writing, the requests to write documents for every part of the Casa were overwhelming. If I fulfilled all the requests, writing church messages could take up […]

Twitter may not save the world, but its power to make me feel for Patrick is awesome

On February 9 at 1:55 p.m. I filed my first ever Tweet. It read: “This is my maiden voyage. Call this the old man and the technology sea.” My world did not shake. My emotional moorings remain sound. Social media and I have gotten along just fine. My kindergarten granddaughter reading her first Junie B. […]

Tardy thoughts on the AP/Afghan soldier photo controversy

My former ethics students have been particularly engaged by the controversy over the Associated Press transmission of the photo of the soldier who died in Afghanistan. One student wrote: “I thought of you as I was reading about the controversial photo of the Marine that AP posted, even after they were repeatedly asked not to […]

News21 can teach us to make journalism and storytelling better

Wednesday I came out of a News21 presentation of work done by Cronkite School journalists that made me ready to shout from the rooftops.  This is sensational work done by great students with expert professional direction and funded by two incredibly far-sighted funders. Even more important for readers of this blog there are bright, clear […]

Impact in academic research: Journalism needs the academy's help

Two weeks ago The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication had an all-day faculty meeting on the subject of academic research. The most intriguing discussion was on whether academic research should have “impact.” The discussion revealed a fascinating chasm between academics and recent professionals. I want to be very careful not to simplify […]

McGuire's 2009 Business and Future of Journalism syllabus

Classes at Arizona State’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism began today and so it is time to publish my syllabus for my Business and Future of Journalism class. There are some notable changes. I am using online readings exclusively except for the four popular books I require. A quarter of the class will read one […]