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Let’s not let Medill Innocence Project be another Hazelwood

I cannot remember anything about the day in 1988 that the Supreme Court issued its decision on Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier. I cannot remember if my newspaper made a very big deal out of it, but the decision embarrasses the heck out me 20 years later. The Supreme Court ruled in Hazelwood that high […]

News21 can teach us to make journalism and storytelling better

Wednesday I came out of a News21 presentation of work done by Cronkite School journalists that made me ready to shout from the rooftops.  This is sensational work done by great students with expert professional direction and funded by two incredibly far-sighted funders. Even more important for readers of this blog there are bright, clear […]

When the sheriff comes for me: When do we cover political abuse?

Since the time of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the relationship between the press and politicians has been strained, contentious and controversial.  Despite what some politicians think, the press tries to be civil, but that has to be balanced with aggressive attention to the interests of the public. The most remarkable press/politician relationship I have […]

Covering values is not where business journalism excels

Robert J. Samuelson on says Wall Street is kaput.  He says it has been done in by greed.  Amen, Amen, Amen. The obituaries on the American economic system can be found all over the web, but I thought Samuelson’s was especially smart and pointed out the sad history of such economic implosions. He writes […]

From Saturday Night Live to Galveston

The Saturday Night Live Sketch satirizing Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton is apparently taking the web world by storm. It was fascinating that the first word from Gov. Palin was that she loved the skit, but now the McCain campaign tells us it was sexist. Apparently Gov. Palin can’t be allowed to decide that for […]

McCain/New York Times story and anonymous sources

As I start this blog entry I am in between interviews with two local TV stations here in Phoenix about the New York Times story on Arizona Senator John McCain and his ties to a lobbyist, romantic or otherwise. When I arrived at the office today I had made the decision I did not have […]

Political scandals and the media

One of the fascinating things about a university campus is the connections you make outside your department.  One of those connections, with political science professor Dr. Ruth Jones, led to an appearance in a new class she’s teaching on “Political Scandals. ” I made it clear to the class I was not the most distinguished […]

The Connecticut Post case by the Poynter numbers

I consider Al Tompkins one of journalism’s great natural resources. His broadcast work for Poynter has always been stellar and he’s a wonderful  character to boot. My old buddy Al made a curious choice this week when he wrote about the Connecticut Post’s decision to print the names of jurors in a major murder trial. Tompkins […]