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That loss of control that hit mainstream media is now the Meta story we have to cover better

Charles Krauthammer on Sunday boldly credited the Bush doctrine for the tumult in the Mideast.  Krauthammer argued, “ the administration is rushing to keep up with the new dispensation, repeating the fundamental tenet of the Bush Doctrine that Arabs are no exception to the universal thirst for dignity and freedom.” I am no Charles Krauthammer […]

Colorful hyperbole and newspapering in 1982 and 2010

All my friends know I can be given to colorful hyperbole. A few months ago I was making a guest appearance in a  media law course talking about the Cohen v. Cowles Media case which resulted from an editorial decision made in 1982.  In response to a question about thenews environment I said this: “Look […]

Notes and thoughts on "Incorporating New Media into the Traditional News industry"

Tuesday night I moderated a discussion for the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. The organizers called the event “Incorporating New Media into the Traditional News Industry.” The guest panelists were  Mike Coleman, VP Digital Media for; Russ Hill, VP Product Development for and Joe Hengemuehler, News Director for KNXV Channel 15. I try to […]

Remembering the Homer Hanky, the Twins and the Star Tribune

It was a simple little notice that the 2010 Homer Hanky has gone on sale now that the Minnesota Twins have clinched the American League Central Division title the other day. In a sobering week where several events (this one among them) have made me reflect on my mortality, the thought of the Homer Hanky […]

"Failure of Justice" in AZ Republic is a great investigative piece and that’s what makes me nervous

Dennis Wagner of The Arizona Republic wrote a tremendous investigative piece Sunday called “Failure of Justice.” It was hard-hitting, it graphically showed a stone-walling, cover-your-ass bureaucracy and it shone a light on a group of traditionally voiceless people. The piece carefully showed how law enforcement, native and government, seriously botched investigations of a serial rape […]

Reynolds Business journalism study displays optimism not found in anecdotal reports

Either the Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism found every optimistic journalist haunting newsrooms these days or the anecdotal reports of despair and teeth-gnashing in the nation’s newsrooms have been over-wrought. It has always been the journalist’s inalienable right to be angry, slighted and constantly in complaint mode. Since I left the newsroom in 2002 […]

Newsonomics is the Business and Future of Journalism textbook I sought

When I started teaching the Business and Future of Journalism course at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in the fall of 2006 I was out there on an island without any decent textbooks. It was clear I was inventing the class without a net. There were classic newspaper management texts, and there were newspaper […]

ASNE needs to figure out what game it is rejoining

Last Friday ASNE President Marty Kaiser started telling me about the remarks he planned to make at the board dinner Saturday night.  His enthusiasm was so infectious I urged him to emphasize the very words he was saying to me. He did and his lead was: “Wow” We’re back in the game!” Incoming President Milton […]

Some tidbits on threat, Don Ohlmeyer and Pat Forde

My old friend Phil Meyer called it right when he commented in this article about entering Chicago. Phil called it another “nail in newspapers’ coffin.”  ESPN’s spokesman, Paul Melvin took a much politer tack.  “As a company, we are fans of newspapers, and not believers they are going away. They face challenges that will […]

Trying to find the right tone when "left wing technologists" grab all the attention

Perhaps the wisest thing I read this summer was this fine articulation of an idea I’ve been talking about for months. Rick Edmonds, the media business guru for Poynter Online wrote this: “Put another way, a transition to robust digital options and aggressive experimentation are still good strategies for newspaper organizations. But I might tap […]