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Speech to Society of Features Editors argued for a changed journalism mindset

This was presented to the convention of the Society of Features Editors, Saturday, Aug. 27, in Tucson, Az. I spoke to the predecessor of this organization in fall of 2001. It was a hard time. We were reeling from the events of Sept 11. The newspaper business was in what we thought were the pits. […]

Lessons American Journalists can learn from the Murdoch scandals

On Monday night I did this season’s first Must See Monday presentation at The Walter Cronkite School. I spoke on the lessons we can learn from Britain’s Murdoch scandals. There were 200-250 people present, largely Cronkite freshmen and first year grad students. The prepared text is below. Again I admit to occasional ad libs that […]

AZ journos coverage of 1070 could be ticket to heaven or hell!

My long-time friend, confidant and Minneapolis Star Tribune colleague, Kent Gardner, was always incredibly attuned to the responsibilities the journalistic craft created. Often when there was a big gnarly story with lots of complications, twists and screw-ups Kent would opine: “When we get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter is going to ask us if […]

Bloodless journalism and mindless stats are not the way to report this recession

The bright professional woman of a fairly conservative political stripe looked at me with plaintiveness in her eyes and said: “It’s almost as if the media are celebrating and reveling in this economic tragedy.” I looked back at a woman I had disagreed with vehemently on other political issues and said softly, ” Anna, you […]

Covering values is not where business journalism excels

Robert J. Samuelson on says Wall Street is kaput.  He says it has been done in by greed.  Amen, Amen, Amen. The obituaries on the American economic system can be found all over the web, but I thought Samuelson’s was especially smart and pointed out the sad history of such economic implosions. He writes […]

Economic angst sharpens focus on newspaper budget debate

Crash, bang, thud goes the ol’ net worth. The Fed is dropping interest rates in late night meetings and the stock market is scrambling for some sense of sanity. Al Tompkins apparently got up before the Florida Sun and told news directors and editors how to cover the mess in clear, coherent terms, once again […]

Line between desperation and clever innovation is thin one

The East Valley Tribune is about to prove that the line between desperation and bold innovation is mighty thin.  The Tribune late Monday announced its rumored decision to make the A section a tabloid wrap around broadsheet sections for home delivery and then use that tabloid wrap as a stand-alone free section to be distributed […]

Star Tribune decision should not surprise anyone

Par Ridder is out of the Star Tribune for at least a year and Star Tribune executives are still saying they are surprised. That surprise is not universal. After carefully reading 39 pages of  the opinion of Judge David C. Higgs I was grateful that after all the legalese, voluntary and involuntary waivers, and other […]

Dropping business sections is a huge mistake

I don’t mean to pick on the Winston Salem Journal because they’re not the only newspaper that’s dropped their daily business section, but they’re the lucky winner of this week’s “really bad move sweepstakes.” There are lots of reasons abandoning business sections is a bad idea, but let’s start with abdication. Just last week I […]