McGuire on Media

Associated Press is right to take on Google and other aggregators. Newspapers need to follow quickly.

Holy Smokes! The Associated Press announcement that it will take on aggregators like Google with legal action is as big a news as we’ve seen in a while. AP found its heart, its soul and it’s courage.

This is the battle that has to take place, and now the question will be who will join in.  I think newspapers have to play in this sandbox.  They need to show the same courage as AP has.

The belief that new organizations can’t afford to take on Google and other aggregators because they need the “eyeballs” delivered to their sites is a bankrupt concept. News sites are not successfully monetizing those eyeballs so they had better start getting revenue for the content before they go belly up.  I haven’t been as excited or pleased about a journalism news development in years. This is what I believed had to happen.

I have kicked Dean Singleton and AP around plenty, but today I doff my cap.