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Monthly Archives: January 2011

"Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch" is a must read for newspaper refugees and corporate survivors

Technorati Tags: Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch,Richard Hine,newspapers,satire,Cronkite School,books,newspaper books My first reaction to Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch would have been an outline that looked like this:. A Great first forty pages on the troubles plaguing newspapers B Angst C More angst D An abrupt literary climax E A denouement featuring social […]

Colorful hyperbole and newspapering in 1982 and 2010

All my friends know I can be given to colorful hyperbole. A few months ago I was making a guest appearance in a  media law course talking about the Cohen v. Cowles Media case which resulted from an editorial decision made in 1982.  In response to a question about thenews environment I said this: “Look […]

Arizona Republic did it right and reminded us again why newspapers matter

The Arizona Republic rose to the occasion Sunday morning with a comprehensive, well-written report that answered the important questions in the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords which killed six. I am not talking prizes or using the P-word here. The Republic simply did an outstanding job of sorting fact from fiction and humanizing a horrible […]