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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Sarah Palin and the media need to chill out about Down syndrome

Some might argue this isn’t my standard media blog fare, but the media and Sarah Palin need to chill out. Media commentators should help Palin find reasonable ground on her Down Syndrome son. Palin is now firing shots at the Family Guy TV show for mocking her Down syndrome toddler Tryg. To set this up, […]

Chris Jones story on Roger Ebert should bring us back to the journalistic ramparts

For weeks I have had notes for a blog entry on why I am having increased concerns about newspapers and journalism. I’m going to save those notes because I had a transformational morning. that forced me to give a hard Ash Wednesday rethink to journalism and life.  Mid-morning I called my dearest friend, Gregory Favre. […]

Twitter is not killing journalism, journalists are killing journalism

Twitter is not killing journalism, journalists are killing journalism This rather cheap play on that ugly bromide “guns don’t kill people” is indirectly prompted by the constant uproar in  popular media over the horrors of Twitter. The latest tempest was started when George Packer in the New Yorker wailed, ” Twitter is crack for media […]

The Enquirer/Pulitzer flap should inspire better investigative work; Cronkite School doing its part

I get asked fairly often for media comments and much of the time they’re not worth sharing.  I was asked a question yesterday that started a cascade of thoughts that may be worth sharing. I was asked this by a major national news organization: “(The National) Enquirer has applied for a Pulitzer for their long […]