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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Let’s not let Medill Innocence Project be another Hazelwood

I cannot remember anything about the day in 1988 that the Supreme Court issued its decision on Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier. I cannot remember if my newspaper made a very big deal out of it, but the decision embarrasses the heck out me 20 years later. The Supreme Court ruled in Hazelwood that high […]

Trying to find the right band-aid when the wound is gushing

My students have been particularly engaged by Paul Saffo’s reference to the “Schumpeterian moment.” There is a distinct possibility they just like the word, but I think I see real light bulbs go off in their energetic minds when I talk about Saffo’s echo of the Joseph Shumpeter thought that we’re in a moment that […]

Students are smarter than they get credit for and they need to sell you on that

It happened twice again last week and I decided somebody has to yell the truth louder.  Two more people over 50 decried how little students know. The usual “we’re on the road to perdition” lectures followed with the whole smugness and superiority package. Translated, what the baby boomers are really saying is that students “don’t […]