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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Newspaper critics need to count to 100 and take a sedative

It has been major sport for some time to mock the newspaper business and its executives for failure to act. Now words like “collusion’ and “bullies” and “too late” are pock-marking what should be an intelligent debate. Jeff Jarvis, a guru way out of my league, is the hero of the critical set whose main […]

Associated Press is right to take on Google and other aggregators. Newspapers need to follow quickly.

Holy Smokes! The Associated Press announcement that it will take on aggregators like Google with legal action is as big a news as we’ve seen in a while. AP found its heart, its soul and it’s courage. This is the battle that has to take place, and now the question will be who will join […]

McGuire's complete Presstime interview on newspaper future

Presstime has published a pretty interesting analysis of the future by a bunch of folks with lots of theories about where newspapers are heading. The piece offers some good insights. Presstime was kind enough to include my comments, but they edited some of my wisdom just as they edited everybody else.  I think it it […]