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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Can the book Outliers help us understand journalism's cultural legacies?

Over the holidays a close friend of about 50 years insisted, no he demanded, I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers.  I remain baffled about the fact that it reads like two separate books, but both “books” are really fascinating. The second half of the book talks about cultural patterns and as I read it, I […]

Graduate students' take on what we we did wrong in newspapers

In my 21st Century Journalism class for graduate students here at the Walter Cronkite School I have been setting up the future by studying the past.  One of the key readings was this great piece Geneva Overholser wrote in 2004 called “Profit Pressures Over Time.” After we studied the cries of people like Geneva and […]

Horizon appearance addresses future of news and local startups

Wednesday evening I appeared on the local public television show Horizon to discuss the future of news and two local startups: Arizona Guardian and Heat City.  Here is the video of the segment I deeply admire the spunk of the founders of both organizations, but spunk is very hard to eat and it doesn’t pay […]

McGuire's new syllabus for Business and Future of Journalism

Sometimes this web thing confuses the heck out of me.  Out of the blue this week my January entry on my Business and Future of Journalism syllabus started circulating the web again. My search for the source of this new life for that old entry took me to this site, but I don’t think that […]

Bloodless journalism and mindless stats are not the way to report this recession

The bright professional woman of a fairly conservative political stripe looked at me with plaintiveness in her eyes and said: “It’s almost as if the media are celebrating and reveling in this economic tragedy.” I looked back at a woman I had disagreed with vehemently on other political issues and said softly, ” Anna, you […]